Michi Disco Pants

Dangit! I totally forgot about those electric blue Michi disco pants that were ending on ebay today and I got outbid by 1 freaking dollar!! I’m totally pissed. Those pants were described as being possibly unworn and in excellent condition. Outbid by one freaking dollar!!

What pisses me off mainly is sellers who make their listings end in the middle of the day. That is so foolish. All the stuff I sell on ebay ends in the evenings or later because I believe that is the time most people are online and that is probably when you will get the most bidding action going on. This seller had these disco pants end around the 4pm hour which is just absurd. I realize there are different time zones and all but still. Four p.m. on the west coast is only 7 pm on the east coast and that is quite an early time to end an auction.

The winner outbid me around 35 minutes before the auction ended and my stupid phone did not let me know that I got outbid. Had I known I would have stayed on top of the auction and outbid this other dude. Thanks a lot, androyd phone!

I realize that I can’t win everything I bid on on ebay. But I sure as heck hate it when I lose by the minimum incremental bid. The winner put in multiple bids at the end so I know that I wouldn’t have won by just outbidding him/her by a dollar. But to let him/her steal it from me like that just turns my stomach. And if the seller had been a bit more tactical he/she could be getting more money than just the $101 the pants sold for. I would have bid up to $125 or more for them. Oh well, I can only hope that the winning bidder ends up not paying and the seller sends me a 2nd chance offer or just relists the item and I get it next time.

Oh well. No use crying any longer about it. Maybe it wouldn’t have even been the ideal fit. They were tagged a size 5 which may be on the large side for me. If size 4 already fits a bit loosely than 5 would be even worse.

Guess I’ll just keep looking.


About Spandex Disco Jeans

This blog is mostly about spandex disco pants from the 70s, 80s and now!
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