Jonden Debut 2nd Chance

I’m only 5 days away from making a public debut in my totally skintight shiny blue Jonden disco pants. Wow. It feels so exciting and yet so intimidating at the same time. They have to be the most outlandish pants I have ever worn. But also the sexiest. They are completely molded to my legs, crotch, butt. I mean I’ve worn absolutely skintight pants before in the form of skinny jeans, both guys’ and girls’. But these pants are shiny as well and that just adds an extra element of sexiness that I cannot explain. To me the shine adds sexiness. To others the shine probably adds ridiculousness.

[Side note: Writing this as ‘Buck Rogers’ is on the TV and this boy on the show is wearing a shiny gold-colored outfit complete with skintight shiny gold pants. I don’t think it’s the same material as disco pants, however but still looks pretty good.]

On Friday night I wore my skintight shiny black Le Gambi disco pants and at the last minute I decided to wear my shiny black polo as well. A girl who had previously commented that she liked my gold disco pants told me on Friday that she liked my outfit. She seemed really enthusiastic about it.

Also on Friday there were some unexpected older people who were leaving the building as I was headed towards it and one of the women looked at me twice with a “what the hell is he wearing” look on her face as I was walking closer to them. Or maybe it was a “damn, that’s hot” look. I’m not sure. Regardless, I’m sure it’s been ages since she’s seen a guy wearing shiny spandex pants.

But getting back to this coming Friday: everything seems to be in place for me to wear my blue Jonden pants. Nothing out of the ordinary is happening as far as I know. And I will be playing guitar and not drumming. I’ve kept my Facebook profile pic of me wearing these pants up for a long time already and a few people (4 guys, 2 girls) have ‘liked’ it. I know others have seen it though. And one guy has actually wanted to see me wear them.

What is holding me back from actually wearing them? Is it the tightness or the shine? I’m kinda thinking it’s the tightness. Let’s just suppose they fit more like my gold ones. I probably would have worn them by now at least once. I really believe the shine is not really the issue with these. I think it’s the fit. I can’t say it enough times, it’s a superskintight fit. They really put everything on display. My thighs, butt and sometimes other parts. Yet they’re so comfortable. You only live once, right? That’s the big cliche nowadays. I just gotta psyche myself up to wear these pants on Friday. So if things don’t go well, I could choose to not wear them again there. But I’ll never know till I try, right?

They have really gotten used to seeing me in the black ones. I still get comments but they’re very few. These blue ones are a totally other issue. I will expect to get more comments and looks. On the black ones it’s hard to see the back pockets because they’re dark and because of their higher placement. On the blue Jonden’s, the pockets are easily seen because of their more normal lower placement and because they are a lighter color. So there will be no denying that they are actually pants/jeans and not tights, leggings or jeggings.

I’ve always wanted to wear spandex disco jeans. And I’ve been wearing them every Friday whenever possible. Now I have the chance to wear the ultimate disco pants: skintight shiny blue Jonden’s. I should seize the day and wear them.

We’ll talk more about that this week. Alot more!



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