More Thoughts on Jonden

I was trying on my skintight shiny blue Jonden spandex disco jeans earlier this evening. I had received my order of nylon t-shirts today so I was anxious to see how those disco pants and these new shirts look together. The shirts are great. They are like super thin and very cool and comfortable for hot summer weather. But they are a bit on the long side. Even the medium’s. I want to cover up my crotch and butt somewhat–not really; I really want to have any top I wear tucked in and show all my crotch and butt because that’s how these pants are meant to be worn–but not too much. These nylon shirts cover up too much which makes wearing those disco pants kinda boring. Too bad. I really like those shirts. Guess I’ll have to stick with my cotton ones.

But another reason for me trying on my Jonden disco jeans again was to just get a look and feel for them so I can decide if they are really appropriate to wear this Friday. I’m pretty sure everyone has warmed up to the idea of me wearing skintight black shiny pants. I’ve worn them 8 times already–7 times with black ones and once with gold ones. And pretty much everyone has seen me in them. There are still a few here and there who have not seen me wearing disco pants. But most have and I’m sure are used to it.

So the question of these pants being appropriate to wear to church arises. Well, for one, they’re just pants. Just an item of clothing. Of course if I were to ask any church people their opinion I’m positive they would say “no way.” Yeah, I wouldn’t wear them on a Sunday but I think they’re totally fine for a Friday night. Also, it’s not like I’m wearing them to attract anyone of the opposite sex. There aren’t even any females my age there. I’m just having fun by wearing them. I play music and as a musician I am also an artist and I am a creative person and I like to express myself through music and the way I dress.

It takes boldness to be yourself and express yourself in the way you really feel defines you.  I love wearing skintight pants. That’s who I am. I love wearing skintight spandex disco jeans even more. So I can choose to express myself and let others see who I am, or I can hide my true identity and just try to fit in by being like everyone else. It’s taken me all these years to discover who I really am and what I want. Why should I try to sweep all that under the carpet especially when it doesn’t harm anyone else? Sure, some people may not like to see my lower body completely encase in skintight shiny spandex. But all they have to do is look away. I know it’s hard to not stare at something that is different. But if it is offensive to anyone all they really have to do is not look.

I know some people will be taken aback by my skintight shiny blue Jonden pants. It’s different seeing a picture versus in real person. I know some people will think it’s ridiculous. I some people will think it’s gross. But I also some people will be fascinated by it and think it’s awesome. Some people will like the pants and will say so. Others will like the pants and may not say anything for whatever reason. Some will want to touch the pants and feel them on my legs. I’m almost positive a lot of the girls would love to touch and feel those pants on my legs but of course they won’t do it, perhaps with the exception of one brave girl. I know for a fact that a lot of the guys will want to touch and feel my pants and they will touch and feel them!

Yes, these pants are completely skintight. But come to think of it so are my black Le Gambi disco pants. And so are my black Frederick’s of Hollywood ones (which still need to get fixed). Ok, maybe not as tight but incredibly close for sure. Really the main difference is that these pants are a bright blue which because of their lighter color they show off a lot more than black ones. They completely outline my legs, thighs, butt, etc. But they’re soooo comfortable.

I have 4 more days to convince myself to wear them.

On another note, I’m thinking about sending back my red American Apparel disco pants and exchanging them for the caramel ones. I was originally going to send both them and my peacock ones and get a refund back because I was going to need money. But now I have come into a little money unexpectedly and so I may just keep both and order the caramel ones. I know I’ve said that I can’t imagine myself wearing red pants of any kind, but you just never know what may come up. Especially if I find those ever elusive ideal boot I’m looking for.

I’m expecting another pair of black disco pants by Frederick’s of Hollywood. This one has belt loops, but the pants are not in the best of condition. Oh well. As long as they’re skintight and shiny.

That’s all for now. Disco pants rock!!


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