Getting Closer

It’s Wednesday and that means only about 2 days away from making my debut in my skintight shiny electric blue Jonden spandex disco jeans. I’m looking forward to it. Alot! But there’s also a side of me that is hesitant and nervous and unsure about it. Like, I’m not wearing these for attention. I don’t really care to have people look at me no matter what I’m doing or wearing. I’m not that kind of dude.

But I realize that attention just comes with these pants. If a girl were wearing them other girls would look and stare and probably talk about them. And of course guys would be drooling over her in such pants. I know I would be staring at a girl if she were wearing these pants and they fit her skintight just as they fit me. But after all it is a girl and you expect girls to wear such things. It’s still somewhat of an odd thing–in most people’s minds–to wear shiny pants unless you’re some kind of celebrity or entertainer. But girls can wear that stuff anyway and it’s not much of a big deal.

On the other hand, if a guy is seen wearing skintight jeans or pants, he is labelled by some as being gay. This notwithstanding that as recently as the 70s and 80s many many guys wore pretty tight jeans or pants and it was just accepted as part of the style of the day. They weren’t labelled gay. In fact, girls seemed to like guys in skintight jeans during that time. So it boggles my mind that only 30, 35 or so years later the attitude has done a complete 180. Granted some girls still like guys in tight jeans. And some older women probably still do also. But it seems that the modern day mindset among the majority is that ‘guys shouldn’t wear tighter jeans than girls do.’

But once you get over the fact that some guys out there are wearing super tight jeans–because there are some, thanks to the skaters, the emo types, the scene types, the hipsters, the punk rockers and various other musician-types–and you accept it whether you like it or not, disco pants present the additional quality of being really shiny. You don’t see may guys wearing shiny pants of any kind unless they’re biking or running. Of course, those are not actual pants. Those are tights and people expect you to run or bike if you’re wearing them. Vintage disco pants cannot be confused for tights. They are clearly not cut in the same shape as tights are. American Apparel’s disco pants can be confused with tights or leggings, but only to those who are not familiar with them. So if I were wearing AA’s disco pants and people asked me if I am running or biking that would be somewhat understandable. But I’ve never seen running or biking tights with back pockets. People figure that if you’re doing one of those 2 activities then it’s acceptable to be wearing shiny skintight spandex. But not if you’re just walking around town or whatever. And not if you’re a guy.

But I’m gonna do it. I’m not gonna be walking around town in them. Just gonna wear them at church. And some people might argue that they should not be worn at church because their tightness and shininess draw too much attention. Some people would say they shouldn’t be worn anywhere. The point is that nothing is ever going to please everyone and statements such as ‘those are not appropriate to wear’ are all highly subjective and based on personal preference and conditioning. I do agree that some items of clothing may be inappropriate to wear in public places. For me, those include see-through clothing that clearly allows private areas to be seen and items that allow too much skin to be shown.

I think guys should never go topless. Women can’t so men shouldn’t either. I don’t care to see some self-worshiping ego maniac who has all the evidence of having made the gym his second home. Wear tight shirts if you must, but don’t go topless. And I don’t care to see the painted designs and writings that you threw away so much money on in order to fit in with the current insane fad. Keep your shirt on. It’s gross and makes me wanna vomit. All over you.

I really don’t care if you wish to show the shape of everything you have. As long as it’s all covered with non-transparent articles. Skintight clothing is great because you’re all covered up yet it’s all wrapped around you like a second skin. Nothing loose, no extra material. Good for the environment.

So I challenge any notion out there that my skintight shiny blue Jonden disco pants are inappropriate to wear to church. No one has said anything to me, but the idea may be in a few minds. No one has seen me in these pants yet either, other than in pictures. So maybe it’s all in my mind. I’m challenging my own conditioning on what is appropriate and acceptable.

But the main thing I have to ask myself when I start having 2nd thoughts about wearing these in 2 days is this: Do I really want to look back on my life when I’m older and regret not having worn these pants because of the fear of what people would have said or done? And the answer is a loud NO. I don’t want to look back and have that regret. And wearing these pants is really important to me so I would have that regret if I didn’t go through with this. Maybe some of you can’t understand this. But it’s who I am.

Ok, so maybe some people will think it’s foolish of me to wear these pants. Some may think it’s gross. Some may think there’s something wrong with me. It’s all relative. In the end it won’t matter to anyone but me that I wore shiny spandex jeans. Well, it may matter to that young person or 2 who see me in them and will become forever infatuated with disco pants just like I did when I was growing up.

Moving on from that subject, I took my Le Gambi disco pants and my Frederick’s of Hollywood black disco pants to the cleaners to have those broken stitches and such repaired. Hopefully I can pick them up early tomorrow. If I completely chicken out on Friday and end up not wearing the Jonden pants I will wear these black Frederick’s. But I must be strong and wear the Jonden’s.

Also having 2nd thoughts about sending back the red AA disco pants. I was looking at the pics I took of me in them and they’re so hot. So tight. So shiny. I know I’ve ranted plenty about the cut of their disco pants but they’re still sexy as hell. I complain because I can’t bring myself to wear them in public. But they are awesome to wear at least inside the house. I may just keep them and get the caramel ones too.

Oh well, I’ve said enough. I started this post hours ago and am just finishing up now. I’m sure I’ll have more to say tomorrow about this Friday. Peace out.


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