The Time Is Here!

It’s Friday and in around an hour’s time I will be leaving the house in my skintight shiny blue Jonden disco pants. Yes, I’m going through with it! And I’m excited as heck. I don’t know what the reaction will be. I’m sure there will be reactions and comments and who knows what else. If all goes well tonight I will be certain to wear these pants again. The ironic thing is that they have this ‘dress like your fave superhero’ thing going on today and as we all know superheroes wear shiny spandex! If asked I’ll just say I’m dressed like a Power Ranger, lol. I know the Power Rangers wore skintight shiny spandex pants back in the day when they were popular. That would’ve been the only reason for me to watch that show, even though I never did.

I picked up my 2 black disco pants from the cleaners yesterday and they are both ready to be worn now. I’ll probably debut the Frederick’s of Hollywood ones next week.

I’m looking into getting some Spanx compression tank tops to wear underneath my t-shirts when I wear my disco pants. I don’t like the top-heaviness that is emphasized especially when I wear skintight spandex disco jeans. The Spanx should help me look better but it’s so expensive! I wish I had one to wear tonight. Should have looked into this earlier in the week. They have cotton ones for $55 and nylon ones for $75. Ridiculous. No wonder the founder of Spanx is a billionaire. But if the product helps me look better it’ll be worth every last cent.

Oh well, I’m going to slowly start getting ready. I still have to decide on which t-shirt to wear. Definitely not gonna wear one that is too long and covers up everything. That’s no fun. Truth is I should really tuck whatever shirt I wear inside the disco pants or wear a shirt short enough so the whole length of the pants–from waist to hem–may be seen. That’s how women wear theirs now and that’s how both guys and girls used to wear them back in the 70s and 80s. If I were in better shape I might consider that. But as it is I’m just excited to have a place I can wear disco pants to and not be ridiculed.

So if things get really interesting tonight I will write about it when I get back. Otherwise, I’ll just write tomorrow. Until then it’s just me and my disco pants.


About Spandex Disco Jeans

This blog is mostly about spandex disco pants from the 70s, 80s and now!
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