Great Response

So I wore my shiny skintight Jonden spandex disco jeans on Friday! And the reception was…………….GREAT! Basically a lot of people told me they liked the pants. Some of those comments were completely sincere and some were laced with a bit of sarcasm. And I got the positive feedback from both guys and girls and even some little kids also. There were a few key people not there that night whose opinions I was actually looking forward to hearing.

I wore the pants confidently and actually felt very bold in them. I wasn’t trying to hide myself from anyone as I found myself doing the last few times I wore my black disco pants.  So it turned out very well. They say you can look good in anything as long as you wear it confidently. So I know I looked good. And wearing these pants was the next step for me regarding what I talked about before.

I did notice when I went up on stage that a lot of the girls were smiling or kinda giggling. I can’t be completely certain that it was because of my pants but I suspect that it was. Oh well. It’s something new. It’s something they’re not used to seeing. It may be kinda funny in the beginning but the humour quickly runs out. No one cared after a while. What happened with these pants is basically the same thing that happened with the black disco jeans and then the gold ones. It was a big deal at first sight then no one cared anymore. One girl asked if they were from American Apparel. Cool that she knows about those.

In addition to that good news, I get to play guitar this coming Friday again. And since things went so well this past Friday, I just had the idea that I could possibly wear the Jonden pants again. Should be no big deal now that most everyone has seen me in them. But I haven’t totally decided yet. It’ll be either them or my Frederick’s of Hollywood black ones that are now repaired and I have not worn yet. Besides, I noticed some additional broken stitches on the back pockets of the Jonden pants after I wore them Friday. This will be the 2nd time I take them in to get repaired. Another $10. They are vintage pants so they need some TLC. But I’m hoping they don’t get additional damage each time I wear them because I do plan on wearing them at least once a month now. I’ll usually wear my black ones but at least once a month I want to wear these bright blue ones. I also have those navy blue Guy Curtis ones which are cool but just not very tight. I guess I can add them to the rotation as well but they’re just not very exciting.

I should order me a Spanx top so I can have it by this Friday. I’m hoping it will make me look better when I wear spandex disco jeans.

I’ve only worn my disco jeans in the spring and summer so far. I have never worn them in the fall or winter so I’m curious to see how they feel on me in colder weather. Not that I want to rush any cold air. Summer’s great. But I’m curious. And the cool thing is that I can leave the house in disco pants as opposed to having to wear another pair of pants over them because my long coat can hide a good part of it.

But my goal is to wear skintight shiny spandex disco jeans every Friday from now till the end of the year. As long as we keep meeting in our regular place there’s no reason I shouldn’t wear them. There may be times when we don’t play music and maybe just hang out there. So those wouldn’t be good times to wear them. And there will also be times when we go elsewhere for our meetings. Those may be great opportunities to wear them but will take plenty of courage to do so. I’ll have to play it by ear.

For now I must celebrate and bask in the fact that I wore the blue Jonden pants in public. It was a huge accomplishment for me. And the fact that I’m considering wearing them again this week is a major deal. Really the only thing that would keep me from wearing them 2 weeks in a row is the the little bit of damage I found on the back pockets in the form of broken stitches. I don’t want to add to it. They are my only pair of bright blue spandex disco jeans and their fit is pretty much perfect. I have 3 pairs of black ones so I can afford to be a little less careful with them. And I haven’t come across any electric blue ones–minus those Michi’s I lost last weekend–or any Jonden ones for that matter. Wish I could just wear my AA ones.

So this coming week will be interesting. Will I wear my blue Jonden’s again since many people seemed to like them and I felt great in them (and some people have yet to see them), or will I wear my black FOH’s which I have not worn yet and are really tight and shiny and amazing? It all depends on how the week goes. I’m sure I’ll talk more about it here.




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  1. spandexsandy says:

    Hello there! I love your blog! Please contact me. My email is I have around 80 pairs of SDJ and I wear em frequently! CU! Sandy

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