They Look Nice

Before I decided to wear my Jonden disco pants last Friday I had posted the question of whether I should on social media and provided links to pics of me in them. Surprisingly, no one answered. I thought for sure there would be at least a few quick responses that leaned toward straight out unpleasantness. But nothing. Today though I received an answer. And the answer read:

I think they look nice. Just wear whatever makes you happy and whatever you feel comfortable in. So basically, in my opinion, go for it. Good luck in the band!

The answer was given by a female, who by the looks of her tiny profile pic, seems to be around her late teens or 20s. Hard to tell really. And it’s not like I linked photos that were really conservative and had everything covered up. Not at all. I linked photos that bared the whole length of the pants pretty much.



So I’m surprised she didn’t say they look gross or are too tight or my rear can be seen. She said they look nice and I should wear them. And I’m glad I did wear them because most people who had anything to say about them said only good or neutral things about them. The good things included “Nice pants”, “I like your pants” or even “I love your pants.” The “I love your pants” comment came from a girl who was very sincere because she also has said nothing but positive things about my gold disco pants and my black ones when I wore them. The neutral comments were pretty much about the shininess of the pants. But I heard nothing negative at all. And the general reaction of everyone was pretty much one of not being overtly surprised. It really does seem as though they do expect me to wear stuff like this now. Thus, I will.

Yes, I did say that there was some giggling and smiling when I took to the stage to play guitar. But that quickly passed. I suspect it will be less and less humourous and novel as I wear them more and more. And I do plan to wear them again this Friday. Should be even easier the 2nd time around. But there will be a few folks there this Friday who weren’t there last Friday. And I was really looking forward to the reactions these 2 in particular would have last week. I guess I’ll find out this week.

I love skinny jeans but disco pants are equally tight if not tighter than my skinny jeans and are so much more comfortable. And they’re different. Glad I feel so much less self-conscious in them but I have many miles to go. When I start leaving the house in them and start going to the mall or to the bowling alley in them, then I will have conquered any fear of what others may think. Then will I have reached the point of not caring what anyone thinks. That will be disco pants nirvana.

More news later.

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