From Disco To Heavy Metal

I was looking through the records section at a thrift store today and found a Scorpions LP titled ‘LOVEDRIVE’ from 1979.  Now, I’m not crazy about old LP’s nor am I a great big fan of the Scorpions, but when I flipped the cover to the back there was a picture of the band with each member wearing skintight shiny disco pants! I considered buying the LP just for this photograph but I passed on it because I was certain I would find the same photo online somewhere. I have been looking online since I got home and have not found a somewhat large, high resolution version of this picture. I should have just purchased the damn lp. Here’s the best pic I found so far:

Two guys wearing shiny black skintight spandex disco jeans, 1 guy wearing blue ones, 1 guy wearing orange ones and 1 guy wearing red ones. Very nice. Makes me want to look into the Scorpions more. Makes me wanna wear my disco pants more, too.

Another thing that came into mind was the overall progression of disco pants from the 70s to the 80s. I wasn’t exactly able to buy these pants when they first came out–I was just a tiny kid–so I really don’t know what they were called back then. I don’t if they were called disco pants or spandex disco jeans or whatever else. My sister and I called them ‘silk pants.’ But I know people like Olivia Newton John and Sheena Easton and Leif Garrett and the Brothers Johnson and the Pointer Sisters  could be found sporting them. These artists, though they were known to make music in the genres of rock, r&B and disco, can be classified under the general category of pop music. So what I wonder is how did disco pants which were initially associated with pop & dance music of the 1970s become a staple of heavy metal bands of the 1980s? To be fair, the Scorpions were obviously wearing them in the late 70s as that record I found today would testify. But it just seems that spandex disco jeans became an exclusively heavy metal article of clothing. Particularly the ‘hair bands.’

So what made disco pants die out among pop artists? Was it the death of disco? I’m really curious to know. I also found photos online of David Lee Roth of Van Halen in disco pants:

I don’t know what year these photos are from. But those pants look pretty good on Roth. I wish someone who lived through that era and loves disco pants just as much as I do would write a book about the history of these awesome pants.

In other news, I worked out a deal with an eBay seller for a couple of disco pants. So I should soon be getting another pair of black Le Gambi disco pants and another Bojeangles disco pants. Also, I just bought my first pair of Michi disco pants in ‘silver pearl.’ These pants are missing its button. I am going to see how they fit once I get them. If they are not completely skintight and delicious on me, I will see about getting a button installed–well, either way I’m gonna have a button put on–and I will put them up for sale. I’m pretty sure I can easily get plenty more than what I paid for them.

Additionally, I happened to win a silver FoH disco pants on eBay which I had been hoping not to win. I bid up to a maximum amount and ended up winning even though I was certain I would not win. These pants are cool because they are silver and have belt loops, but they are way too short so I’m not sure why I bid so high to begin with. Looks like I’ll have to pay for them now. Good thing is I can probably resell them without losing much if any money.

Tomorrow I should receive my Spanx tank top! I had to order another pair from Zappos because according to the tracking info for the ones I bought on ebay they may not reach me in time. And tomorrow will be the 2nd time I wear my Jonden disco pants. Can’t wait! They’re so hot. I want to see if the Spanx is gonna make me look good. Will let you know fer sure! Till then keep rockin’ the disco pants.


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This blog is mostly about spandex disco pants from the 70s, 80s and now!
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5 Responses to From Disco To Heavy Metal

  1. Tom says:

    For me, there’s nothing hotter than 80’s rockers wearing disco pants. I’m sure it didn’t occur to them that they were disco pants, they probably just thought they looked like leather with the added benefit of stretch for the stage. I remember seeing classified ads in the back of rock mags in the 80’s by a now defunct mail order company called ‘Satin Sales’ in Minneapolis, that sold spandex disco jeans for about $60 to rock bands for their stage wear. I did eventually get to order from them before they closed, but I ordered the vinyl coated ones which really looked like leather.

    • sktL505 says:

      I find it odd that it was so acceptable and cool for rockers in the 80s to wear disco pants, but now it would be considered gay if they did. They’re just tight pants that shine and have tons of attitude. If I was a music artist i would totally wear them and try to start a trend.
      Maybe I’ll start looking on ebay for old rock magazines. $60 at that time sounds pretty expensive, but I would have spent my last dime to get them.

      • Tom says:

        Yeah, those 80’s rock mags were always filled with pics of guys in disco pants and other kinds of studded up leggings, etc. I remember going into stores and thumbing through mags like Circus, Hit Parader, Creem, Metal Edge, etc just to find pics of rockers in spandex jeans. It was like porn to me! I have tons of pics from that era from lots of magazines, not just spandex jeans, but also the vinyl coated leggings that looked like wet leather, etc. Very hot stuff!

      • sktL505 says:

        Thanks for those magazine titles. I’ll look them up on ebay and try to get some that have pics of the guys in disco pants.
        I remember a relative of mine was going to throw away her Shaun Cassidy record collection. Having seen them previously I made sure I grabbed the live one that had lots of pics of him in shiny spandex jeans.

  2. Tom says:

    I made a video of some pics I have of 80’s rockers in spandex, most are just the leggings type, but there are some in disco pants as well:

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