Shiniest & Tightest Spandex Disco Jeans?

Just got that other pair of silver Frederick’s of Hollywood disco pants that I wrote about before. Remember? It was the one I was actually sorry I won on ebay. Well, these pants are extremely shiny and silky feeling. I’ve never seen any spandex disco jeans this shiny and smooth. I did suspect the pants would be short on me based on the measurements provided by the seller, but I figured they would stretch and may fit after all. Before trying to put them on, I compared its length to an American Apparel disco pant’s length and they are slightly shorter than AA’s. They have a bit of a hem–less than 1 inch–so letting that out would not be a great help. And the cool thing about these pants is that they have belt loops–just like the ones Menudo wore in their videos.

I thought I might just try them on quickly to see how they fit. This model of FoH disco pants does not have the black tag on the top of the rear right pocket. It only has the brand name tag inside the pants. Another difference I noticed is the leg opening. It is extremely small and reminded me of AA’s disco pants.

So 4 main differences I’ve noticed already with these pants. The very shiny and smooth nylon/lycra material. The lack of brand name tag on the back pocket. The belt loops. And the skinny fit leg opening. And I know it’s not an anomaly with these pants only. That dude who sold me a few pairs of vintage disco pants once offered me a red pair similar to this silver one. It also didn’t have the tag in back. And he told me the material was very smooth. Those pants also had belt loops. In the photos he sent me of the pants I noticed the smaller than normal leg opening so I asked him to measure it for me. And he came up with a number much smaller than the other ones I bought around that time.

So this leads me to believe that these variations of FoH disco pants must be from a different time period. Like maybe the 80s. Maybe even the mid 80s. I’m not sure when they stopped making and selling the original disco pants of the 70s and 80s, but from what I’ve read it sometime around the mid 80s. So this particular style could be the last of the Mohicans, so to speak. I’m really not sure.

Anyway, these pants do need some work in the crotch. There is a big gaping hole there of stitches that have busted loose. Should not be an issue. What is an issue is what happened when I tried to put them on. They are the absolute skintightest disco pants I have ever attempted to put on. I was turned off by the tight leg opening which really resembles the AA disco pants and hence running tights. And upon trying to put them I couldn’t even pull them all the way up! I’m not sure that even if I can pull them all the way up that I will be able to fasten the button. I’m sure gonna try later on today again. Amazing pants!

Now the question of whether I can actually wear these pants in public arises. Even if nowhere else but church. So if I end up being able to pull them up and fasten them will they be wearable? I have issues with the leg opening. The reason I can’t wear my AA’s is because of the leg opening. So will these pants become just another one in my collection that I put only in the house to take pics and have fun in? With some boots they’d be alright. ¬†Actually I don’t mind the ‘tights’ or ‘leggings’ look. It’s just that I don’t want others to think I’m wearing tights and have to explain each time that they are not tights. I would actually wear these pants with Converse All Stars and be on my way. They’re shiny skintight jeans. That’s all that matters to me.

Of course, there is another issue lingering. The pants may end up being too short on me, which again would be remedied through the use of some cool boots. But I don’t have cool boots. I only have cool high top sneakers.

I’m hoping I can try these pants on again in about 2 hours or so. If I am able to get them up and fastened I will take pics just so it can be seen how tight and shiny they really are. And sexy. Wish me luck.


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This blog is mostly about spandex disco pants from the 70s, 80s and now!
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