First Sunday?

First, I tried on those really shiny silver Frederick’s of Hollywood disco pants once again and ended up damaging them even more than they were. The whole front part of the crotch came undone and now they are completely unwearable. But it should not be a major fix. I have come to realize that they are one pair of spandex disco jeans that I will not fit into at this time. And a shame really. Because they are so tight and shiny. Here are some pics I was able to take with the pants on but not fastened:










There you have it. Completely skintight nearly down to the ankles. No front pics because I had to hold the front together with my hands in order to give the look that the pants were fastened. I love those belt loops! Hopefully I can come across more of this kind of disco pants that are shinier and have belt loops.

Secondly, I received another pair of disco pants yesterday. Another black Le Gambi. This pair is in excellent condition with no broken stitching or pulls. The pants did have a hem which I let down and now fit me perfectly. These pants are also pretty darn tight and look and feel great! Funny thing is, the tag inside says cotton and lycra!

A few days ago I had received my 2nd pair of Bojeangles black disco pants. First thing I noticed about these is that they didn’t shine as much as my other black disco pants. I don’t know if that’s because the original owner did something to them or what. But definitely not as shiny or smooth feeling as my 1st pair of Bojeangles.

I should be getting my purple pair of FoH’s this coming week. Am excited about them and possibly buying the brown and turquoise ones as well. All depends on how these purple ones fit. If they fit less than skintight I probably will not get the others.

I didn’t have the opportunity to wear the silver Michi disco jeans yesterday because there wasn’t much going on. Band wasn’t playing and even if they were I wasn’t scheduled to be playing with them. But still I figured I would drop by in my new Le Gambi spandex disco jeans and maybe even run into a bunch of people I don’t know there. So I got dressed and put on a pair of skinny jeans over my disco pants and headed out. But when I got there I totally chickened out. There was a group of the teen guys and a girl standing outside of the church building and I just freaked out and couldn’t bring myself to come out of the skinny jeans and walk out in my disco pants. Plus, there were some people who live in the houses right by where I park outside or at the door. So regrettably, I did not slip out of my skinny jeans. It felt like crap. This is the first time I freaked out. So I’m actually considering–yes, I know this is unbelievable but–wearing them to church on Sunday (tomorrow)! Well, not these Le Gambi, but rather my 1st pair of Bojeangles. I’d say they are they loosest fitting on me yet still skintight. Disco pants have a very edgy look to them. A very rockstar look to them. Yet they have a very formal look to them as well. It all depends on what you wear with them. If you pair them with a t-shirt, leather jacket and dirty Converse you can look grungy or punk. But if you match them up with a polo or a light sweater or a button up shirt and some clean sneakers they will look just like some slim/skinny black jeans with a bit of shine depending on the angle of light hitting them. And did I mention that they are comfortable as heck? So unlike skinny jeans in that sense.

So yes, I am actually seriously considering wearing my black shiny Bojeangles disco pants to church on a Sunday. I’m not sure if I ever said I would never wear spandex disco jeans to church on a Sunday. I’ll have to go back and look at my writings. But I sure am feeling ready to do so now! And tomorrow’s service will be joint–young people and old people together. So it’s a little easier to get lost in the crowd, but also perhaps a bit more noticeable at the same time. I don’t think it’ll be a big deal if I wear these pants tomorrow. Plenty of the older people have already seen me on Friday nights wearing the gold ones and the blue ones. No one has pulled me aside to admonish me for wearing them. I think really it’s all in my mind mostly. Tomorrow would be a real test though. I mean everyone wears their fanciest clothes on Sunday. The older people do anyway. My disco pants are fancy so why couldn’t I wear them?

There are always older people standing outside the church building on Sundays–the ‘greeters’. I know they will be the first to see me walking up in shiny skintight black pants. Actually if I do decide to wear them tomorrow I will be leaving the house in them. None of this ‘wear another pair of pants over them’ crap that I’ve been doing on Fridays. So the folks would be the first ones to see me in the pants. So that would be the first hurdle to overcome. The 2nd would be the ‘greeters’ and everyone else there tomorrow. The 3rd would be where I walk from the church property over to the corner store to buy lottery. That may just be the biggest hurdle I would face tomorrow. Could I bring myself to actually walk around in public that short distance and expose myself in skintight spandex disco jeans to whoever’s around or drives by at that moment? I’m not sure. But I don’t really have to go to that store. But I do feel like I have to wear these pants. Again, it’s the ‘you only live once’ mentality that kicking in lately. Life is short and time is seriously flying.

That’s all I wanted to talk about for now. I’ll certainly let it be known here as to what I ended up wearing tomorrow.

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2 Responses to First Sunday?

  1. staciv says:

    WoW !

    Those pants are soooooo HOT !

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