Purple SDJ’s!

So what did I end up wearing on Sunday? My black Bojeangles spandex disco jeans. Yeah, I went through with it. And again, there was no outrage, no backlash, no negative vibes and basically no general reaction whatsoever. Yes, people did notice the pants because I did see them looking at the pants. But there were no comments. Not that I expected any. But I thought at least some of the older people who are more familiar with me might have said something either negative or positive about the pants. But there was nothing. Just a few comments from those who have already made some in the past. And one little boy who seems to have taken a liking to my disco pants as is evident by him saying something about them every time he sees me wearing them.

And I left the house in them without any big deal as well. It was very freeing to wear something that I really love–something that most people would not usually wear, especially not guys–and really not care about receiving anyone’s approval or disapproval over it. This has definitely been another of those ‘hurdles’ that I had to get over. I never set out to wear spandex disco jeans to any Sunday service, yet now I have and it felt great. And also it’s really opened doors for me to do it again. These Bojeangles disco jeans will now be a regular part of my Sunday collection of clothing. I realize that I don’t have much that goes well with them in terms of tops. But I have at least 2 for now.

So the ideal plan for now would be to continue wearing my spandex disco jeans–black ones, blue ones, silver ones, gold ones, purple ones (yes purple–more on that later)–every Friday and these black Bojeangles at least 1 Sunday per month. Sounds like a fair plan. And to be completely honest, most of the younger people there don’t even seem to notice anymore that I am wearing such pants. It’s yesterday’s news.

I would love to say that I have reached the point where I can wear these pants confidently anywhere. But I’m not there yet. In fact, I could have taken my usual walk to the corner store to buy lottery. But I didn’t. Even with the more ‘conservative’ black disco pants. So for now I will continue to wear them only to church and/or church related events. I do believe, however, that the more I do wear them to church the more confidently I will be able to wear them overall and even cross over to wearing them in other places as well. If only I were in a little bit better shape I know I could wear these with total confidence. But that takes much more work and time than I can or want to give at this time.

Now about the purple disco pants: I got them today! And they’re great!! They fit skintight but not as tight as my blue Jonden’s. They’re totally great and in excellent condition. Even if I decided not to keep them I know I can get a good deal more than what I paid for them. And I decided to get the brown ones and turquoise ones as well. I’m especially interested in the brown ones. Never saw brown disco pants. They may turn out to be another ‘Sunday’ pair of disco pants.

After I wear my silver Michi’s on some soon Friday night, I will wear the purple ones. Or whatever. I love my Jonden’s. I want to wear those more often. And I have some pretty skintight black ones that I still have not worn, including the Frederick’s of Hollywood ones and the Le Gambi ones I recently got. Ahhh, so many spandex disco jeans, so little time….

I managed to take a photo of the picture on the Scorpions album cover that I wrote about before. The album cover is too large to scan on my scanner so this will do for now:

Those pants look great! And that’s just more proof positive that spandex disco pants were worn by guys as well as gals. And they should continue to do so. All I can say is they are the best pants ever. Can’t wait to get the brown ones.

That’s all for now. Long live disco pants!

About Spandex Disco Jeans

This blog is mostly about spandex disco pants from the 70s, 80s and now!
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