Brown & Turquoise

Wow! Haven’t been here in about a week. Just haven’t really had anything new or interesting to write about. I did get 2 more disco pants this past week. But I haven’t taken any pics in them. Will do that soon. Oh yeah, one is brown and the other is turquoise. Both are Frederick’s of Hollywood brand.

Looks like I missed the 45 day return period American Apparel offers in order for me to return those red disco pants I bought from them in early June. I’ve been half-hearted about returning/keeping them so time just slipped away. I seriously don’t think I would ever wear these pants in public. But I know that is not a good reason to send them back. I have plenty of other pants I would never wear in public but I’m keeping them. And maybe that’s another reason I should send them back–because I do have plenty of others. And I don’t think I would ever wear red spandex disco jeans either. I just don’t feel the red. I do have a vintage pair of disco pants in red and I don’t think I would ever wear them. First because they’re not all that tight and second because they’re red. I know that I have come around on the whole ‘red pants’ issue. Recently I purchased my first pair of red skinny jeans. And they are bright red. And I have worn them already. They aren’t something I’m going to wear all the time because it’s hard to find a top to match with them, especially for Sundays.

These red AA disco pants fit me incredibly skintight. That’s how they should fit and that’s how I like them. And anytime I’m ready to send them back–well, that’s not an option anymore so I’ll have to put them up for sale–the images below come to mind and I find it hard to part with these pants:

And it’s when I see these that I am convinced to hang onto mine. But I know I can easily get $60 for them and that money may just come in handy right about now. So I don’t know.

I sent a message to this tumblr babe who has posted pics of herself on there. She has a pair of AA’s black disco pants and she looks so hot in them. I mean so hot that I had to personally message her and reblog her photos. She knows how to wear her disco pants. And like I told her, I haven’t seen too many other chicks in disco pants look as good as she does. Here are the pics of her that I fell in love with:

Her bf is one lucky arse! Damn why can’t I meet a girl who wears disco pants like that? And her Vans sneakers look awesome with those pants as well. I would be all over those disco pants. What a babe.

That’s all for now. Not anticipating any new disco pants for the time being. There are many being sold on ebay right now but nothing I want. Stay tuned for pics of my new brown and turquoise ones.



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