Gonna Sell Some SDJ’s

Yes, I have not been posting as much here lately. The truth is there is not too much to be said. I feel that I have reached some pretty good milestones in my spandex disco jeans wearing and so I don’t have much new to say without repeating the old over and over. And since this blog does not generate any income for me–why oh why does everything have to be about money??–I need to direct more time towards those avenues which do.

But anyway as I mentioned on my Tumblr, I am going to start selling some of my disco pants. I have too many pairs which I don’t think I would ever wear so I would rather sell them and use the money for other things, such as buying this amazing pair that is currently on ebay right now. It is a silver Le Gambi pair and it looks absolutely great! But the seller is asking $200 and I’m not sure I want to dish out that much for a used pair.

I have decided that Le Gambi and Jonden are my 2 favourite brands of spandex disco jeans. I have 3 pairs of Le Gambi’s now and they are decidely shinier and nicer than the Bojeangles and Frederick’s of Hollywood pairs I have. The 2 black Le Gambi’s I have are both super tight and shiny. And I just received 2 days ago a royal blue Le Gambi pair. Absolutely skintight! Reminds me of the Jonden’s, except that the Jonden has an easy fastening waist versus this Le Gambi disco pant having a very ungiving waist and took me a while to fasten them. Also some previous owner had a pearl like snap placed on one of the back pockets and gives the pants a more ‘feminine’ look. I want to remove the snap but I have read online that it may leave a hole in the material. So I’m not sure which is worse–having the snap on there or having a hole, albeit probably a small and unnoticeable one.

And of course I love the Jonden pants because of the low pocket placement and because I’m still convinced that it is the brand of spandex disco jeans Menudo wore back in the 1980s. I may be wrong but I think it is Jonden. Since I have been obsessively looking for disco pants on ebay I have not come across a single pair of Jonden’s there.

I have yet to post pics of my new brown ones, turquoise ones and royal blue disco pants. Just haven’t gotten around to it. Also, I have yet to pay for a white pair of Tight End brand disco pants I won. They will be my first white disco pants. But I really want to get these silver Le Gambi ones. I wish the seller would offer a more reasonable price.

I have decided to sell my red disco pants. Both the vintage and the American Apparel ones. I just don’t need them. I finally broke into the territory of wearing bright red skinny jeans. I don’t think I’ll ever wear skintight shiny ones. I’m also considering selling my navy blue AA disco pants and one of my first pair of black ones from AA. Also on the chopping block may be my very 2nd pair of disco pants: the silver FOH I’ve had for a long time. And I’m thinking about getting that recent pair of super shiny and smooth, super skintight FOH silver disco pants with belt loops (that I destroyed by trying to put on) repaired and put up for sale. Additionally, the purple ones I recently acquired and the turquoise ones may also go. I would rather just have a few awesome pairs that I can actually wear instead of having a bunch just to say I have a bunch.

Today is Friday and I would usually put on some spandex disco jeans tonight. Not sure if I will though. The band is not playing tonight. We’re just rehearsing. But I’ve already not worn any disco pants the last 3 Fridays because of different things going on. If I don’t tonight it will be 4 in a row. I’m also kinda wanting to wear my Bojeangles this Sunday. I just don’t have any good tops to wear with them. And I don’t like to just wear a t-shirt on Sundays. Most of my tops are all really loose and big and exaggerate the fitted, tight look of disco pants. Even the Bojeangles which aren’t the tightest I have by any means.

And Halloween is coming up quick. A perfect opportunity to wear some skintight spandex disco jeans at an outdoor Halloween party community event. On Halloween you can wear anything and get away with it. Hopefully this year’s All Hallow’s Even will be dry and not chilly. More on this later.

Well, I gotta go pay for that Tight End pair I won. And I’m gonna try to make an offer to the seller of the Le Gambi disco pants in the hopes that he will accept. I really want those!

That’s all for now. Will keep you posted.


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