New Le Gambi SDJ’s!

Ok, I have pics of 2 of my newest spandex disco jeans, including a super skintight pair of silver Le Gambi ones that just came in yesterday. Both of these are Le Gambi’s and this brand is quickly becoming a favourite brand of mine. Their disco pants are so tight and shiny and really puts the Frederick’s of Hollywood ones to shame.

Here is the royal blue pair:








The first time I tried these pants on I thought I was not gonna be able to get them on. And then I thought I would not be able to button them. But thank goodness for the stretchy waistband! Absolutely awesome pants.

There is a small snap on the back left pocket which the original owner probably put on for decoration. I was going to try to remove it but I don’t think it will be seen anyway. And I don’t want a hole to be where the snap once was if I do remove it.

Here are the silver Le Gambi pants I just received yesterday:








If I thought that the royal blue ones were tight and might not be able to button them, I thought even more so of these. I really thought I would not get them buttoned up. But after quite some time of struggle and sweat I was able to button and zip them up. These pants are size 0 and that is the smallest, tightest fitting spandex disco jeans I now have. Unfortunately I did break some stitching along the waistband while trying to fasten these but the waistband isn’t all that important since no one will be seeing that part when I wear these pants.

And these silver ones have about 3 inches of hem on them as well so I can take them down if I ever need more length. But as you can see in the photos they are pretty dang long enough as is.

I had gotten an ivory/white coloured pair of spandex disco jeans last week but the waistband does not stretch so there’s no way I can get them on. They are just too small. I don’t know why they would make such pants without a stretchy waistband. It is a brand I had never heard of so maybe that’s why. So I will be selling those as they serve me no purpose. I want spandex disco pants to wear, not just to have and look at.

One thing that bugs me about the pics above–and I only noticed this yesterday–is that the back pockets are not spaced out evenly on my bum. Could be because the pants are so tight. They are really hard to get on so they’re probably not going on evenly. I know that one of the problems I was always getting with my Jonden pants is that that zipper seam was leaning over to the left (on the photos). I don’t know if there’s anything I can do about this but I will have to try to put them on more straightly if possible.

Recently sold my red American Apparel disco pants. Had no need for them. Will be selling a few others as well, including 2 silver ones I no longer need, a purple one and maybe a few others. I have yet to take pics of my brown ones and my turquoise ones.

There is a brand new pair of black Jonden pants currently on ebay. The seller wants $250 for them which I just cannot afford to pay at this time. But seeing as how I absolutely love Jonden spandex disco jeans I will have to make an offer and try to get those. They are the first ever Jonden’s I’ve seen on ebay. Love those Jonden ‘Menudo’ spandex disco jeans.

Gotta figure out which pants I’m going to wear this Friday for band. I’m on guitar so definitely gotta wear the disco pants. At the moment I’m considering a skintight pair of black Le Gambi’s (ones I have not worn yet), my blue Jonden’s, my new royal blue Le Gambi’s or my silver Michi’s. I would like to add the silver Le Gambi’s to that list but I’m not quite sure at the moment. But I should. What the hell, Menudo wore white, silver, turquoise, burgundy and green ones. Oh well, we’ll see what I end up going in.

That’s all for now. More pics coming soon!


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2 Responses to New Le Gambi SDJ’s!

  1. staciv says:

    Wow! Soon hot.

    These silver ones are amazing.

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