Nothing New, Not Much To Say

Again, it’s been a while. Just haven’t had much anything new to say nor any new spandex disco jeans to write about. I also haven’t worn them out since the end of August. Just weird stuff going on lately. I won’t be wearing any this Friday either but I will most likely wear some next week. And our Halloween fest is coming up quick so that’s when I will dress in my ‘rocker’ outfit, complete with skintight black disco pants, black pleather jacket, black leather converse and a black bandana on my head.

I have not worn either of my silver disco pants yet. That is another bridge to cross for the time being. They are much more revealing than even my blue Jonden’s. I have not worn the royal blue Le Gambi’s I shared photos of in my last post.

In other news, American Apparel has added 2 new colors of disco pants to their line: Cranberry which is a deep shade of red–almost wine but not exactly; and royal blue which is a brighter blue in comparison to their navy blue ones. Very nice additions but I’m still wondering why they have not put out a silver pair. And why they are not selling these as unisex pants. And why they have not loosened up the pants from the knees on down. Yes, I’m still harping on that. I would love nothing more than to add some of AA’s disco pants to my collection. But they would have to be wearable to me and these at the moment are not. In my opinion the quality is just as good as the originals, but the fit leaves much to be desired as it is strictly designed with females in mind. Such a shame.

I have recently sold my red AA’s. Now I have also put up my navy blue ones and my deep peacock pair for sale. I got them, tried them on, took photos, shot some videos. They were fun but I need the money for other things. And I would rather have disco pants that I can and would actually wear in public. I still have my 2 black ones from AA. Those I will keep.

I am trying to get a brand new pair of black Jonden’s that I saw on ebay. You know how much I love the fit and look of Jonden’s so getting this black pair would be so sweet. And the fact that it is new with tags is icing on the cake.

I’m selling my purple Frederick’s of Hollywood disco pants and I will most likely be selling my brown ones and my turquoise ones as well. I’ve mentioned before that I’m not the biggest fan of FOH spandex disco jeans. They seem to feel thinner than the other brands and lacking a bit in the area of shine. I’ll have to try them on and stuff and decide soon. I will not be buying any more exotic colors such as purple and red. I would just most likely never wear those colors. In fact I don’t think I will be buying many more SDJ’s at all unless I come across something really cool and affordable. I’m pretty happy with what I have. Also selling an ivory-coloured pair of disco pants. eBAy has a ton of SDJ’s for sale at the moment with most coming from Australia.

I am even selling some other jeans that I thought I would never sell. One of them is ultra hot and sexy but I have never worn them after having them for 4 years so what’s the point? They are shiny coated stretch jeans (for men, surprisingly enough) and feature 5 pockets. I’m sure I’ve written about them before. They fit me skintight but now that I have disco pants I really don’t need these anymore. Nothing is as sexy as vintage disco pants. The other jeans I’m selling is a pair of Nudie skinny jeans that I’ve had for over 4 years also. I have worn them but not enough. They are pre-distressed and all but I never worn them that much for fear of getting them dirty or damaged. So what’s the point? I would rather just wear my less expensive Levi’s, Hollister & Cheap Monday skinny jeans and not worry about wrecking them if that should happen. I need some cash now anyway and both these jeans I’m selling cost over $300 combined when I bought them and I think I can get just about that much now for them. They are rare models because they are discontinued.

I do have a few more disco pants I will be selling as well. Those 2 silver FOH’s will be up for sale soon. So all in all I may be selling a total of 10 SDJ’s. I don’t want to have stuff just to have. I want them to be useful.

As I mentioned earlier I will not be wearing any disco pants this Friday. We won’t be having our Friday meeting at our church but rather at another one where many other groups will be gathered for a bigger event. Because of this I totally brushed off the notion of wearing and disco pants to such an event. My church is now used to seeing me wear skintight black shiny pants (and other colours for that matter). But these others are not. It is all youth-centered but still. When you’re not used to seeing something–it doesn’t matter what age you are–you are going to stare, do double-takes, give weird looks and maybe laugh. Do I want to put myself through that? I’m not sure. I am now tempted to at least consider wearing my ‘looser’ fitting black Bojeangles disco pants. I don’t know. We’ll see. I guess you could say that after nearly 3 weeks of not wearing any SDJ’s I am dying to wear some. Maybe I’ll just have to start wearing them on Sundays.

I’ll keep you posted.


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