Another Milestone?

Did I mention that there is gonna be alot of people there tonight? Mainly all teens but also mostly who have never seen a guy wear shiny skintight spandex pants. I’m very tempted to help introduce them to the pleasant sight of a dude in spandex disco jeans. Yeah, it’s shocking at first. But like all things you get used to it after a while. And when I first wore disco pants to my own church there were surprised looks, comments and giggling. But by the most recent time I wore them there was absolutely no reaction anymore. One college girl even told me she likes it when I wear the pants. A high school girl always tells me she loves the pants, and she said so when I wore black ones, the gold ones and the blue Jonden’s. The guys haven’t said much anything besides ‘nice pants’ or ‘I like your pants’ but I realize it’s more of a sarcastic thing. Not vicious though. And it’s really only the few who still have not seen me in disco pants that actually comment now at all. Everyone now is just so used to it that it’s become yesterday’s breakfast.

But now to be in a roomful of people who are NOT used to seeing this would definitely be something else. Whatever reactions there were that first night I wore SDJ’s should be multiplied by 25 times or more. So 25 times more looks, more comments, more giggling. Except that now the reaction would be coming mainly from people I don’t know and who don’t know me (probably).

I guess it wouldn’t be so bad during service cause I’d be just staying in one place. The people behind me would be the ones most exposed to the sight of my skintight shiny black disco pants. That would be all though. It’s after service that might prove more problematic. It is then that everyone is free to stand around or wander around or go to the gym for snacks. That’s when my pants would be on display. That’s when most people would see them. Not to mention of course when I first walk into the building and everyone sees me then. But there still aren’t as many people then as there are at the end. And unless I can just put it out of my mind that I’m wearing such a unique item of clothing I would probably feel very self-conscious.

The pants are rather easy to forget you are wearing unless you keep looking at them, which is a major temptation. Or unless I’m wearing one of my tightest pairs which cut into my waist and make it difficult to forget I have them on. But otherwise they are super comfortable pants and do not restrict movement at all. I try to be careful moving around in them because of their age and because stitches can bust so easily just by bending over in them.

I have made it a point to put photos of me in SDJ’s on my Facebook so at least those who know me but don’t always get to see me can get used to seeing me in them. But it’s all the other people, who mostly don’t know me and don’t see my photos who would be most surprised and may react the most negatively. Basically if I did end up wearing any disco pants tonight, I would like to remain mostly invisible and the comments limited to ‘nice pants’, ‘what kind of pants are those?’, ‘cool pants’, ‘such shiny pants’, ‘such tight pants’, ‘are you wearing spandex?’ or anything else along those lines. And I know some of the guys will come up to me and touch the pants. That’s cool. I just don’t wanna deal with any silliness or rudeness. They are just pants after all.

I could somewhat compromise and wear my black Bojeangles. As I said before they are not as tight, but they are just as shiny. They are more comfortable around the waist since they are a larger size (size 4 vs. Le Gambi size 1). That may encourage somewhat of a lesser ‘freak’ response. But I don’t know. I’m not even sure if I’ll be going tonight. I have some work to do. Today is day 4 of 5 that eBay has given to list items for free and I have tons of stuff to take pics of and measure. Yeah, it’s been a while since I wore any SDJ’s and I could change that tonight. Or even Sunday. But this Sunday (and next) I’m playing in the band so I’d rather not wear anything flashy. Tonight would be the night and actually would be another major milestone if I go through with it. Up till now I have limited the audience of me in disco pants to only my church. Tonight I could expand that audience significantly to a bunch of other church groups as well. Again, I’m not wearing these pants for attention. I’m wearing them because truth be told I really don’t go around much. And I don’t want to just wear disco pants at home. It’s a waste. So the few times I do go somewhere ‘different’ I would like to put on the disco pants for my own enjoyment. But just like wearing red shoes they will attract attention. That is not anyone’s fault, unless they are specifically looking for attention. I already mentioned that I prefer to remain invisible. And most people probably might not even notice the pants.

I have worn my tightest ever skinny jeans to this same place we are planning to go to tonight back in March ’09. That was the first and only time I ever wore my Bettina Liano skinny jeans. I’m not sure what beckoned me to debut such pants at a large gathering but I did it. Of course, it was the first day of spring and still cold so I did wear my long coat which  I kept on most of the time. During service I did take off the coat and only kept my hoodie on so the people sitting behind me got a great view of my skintight denim clad butt whenever we’d be standing. I was sitting on the edge of the row, and then these dudes came in late and there were no seats for them so they added extra chairs next to me and these guys sat there. I’m sure they marvelled at the tightness of my jeans as they sat next to me. After the service some dudes who I know came by me to talk and one of them looked at my jeans and said something like ‘wow so tight’. I have not worn these jeans since. Three and a half years. They are girls’ jeans and look it. I think they were killing my waist and when I finally took them off that night I had seam marks on my legs for quite some time. I should wear them again. But not tonight. I have now progressed to disco pants.

So I have to figure out first if I’m gonna go tonight. Then if I do decide to go, I have to decide if I will wear my SDJ’s. And if so then which ones. I’ll let you know.


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