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Just a short while ago I tried on my second pair of black Le Gambi spandex disco jeans with a striped sweater. Kind of a ‘Sunday’ outfit for the soon-to-be-here fall season. The sweater is a little tight and short which is good because it actually works well with the shiny skintight disco pants. Especially the short aspect because it allows a good portion of the my pants crotch and butt to be shown. But if I do decide to wear this sweater with these particular disco pants it would have a day when I’m not playing in the band. The reason being that these pants are so skintight that I’m hesitant to have to walk up and around in front of everyone in them. If I’m playing drums, not so bad cause I get to sit down and no one sees them. But If I’m on guitar then I’ll be standing the whole time and the pants will be exposed to everyone. But it’s just the very act of having to walk up to the stage and then back down to my seat that bothers me most. Most people there have already seen me in skintight disco pants but on Sundays there tends to be new people or people who don’t come on Fridays. Some of those people I know and some I don’t. Some of those people are young and some are not so young. So if I were to wear these particular pants I want to make sure I stay rather invisible and not move around too much. What would really suck is  if I actually wore this outfit on a Sunday when I’m not playing in the band and I get asked to collect the offering! OMG!! Imagine having to stand in front of everyone with the collection bag as they would all be staring at my black skintight shiny nylon/spandex clad legs, but and crotch! Everyone–but especially the ‘new’ people–would be staring at the shiny texture and wrinkles of tightness that form as I move with each step and wondering what the hell I was wearing and how I could move around in such attire. The good thing is that the offering person is usually scheduled ahead like a week in advance so it’s not a random thing. However I do mention being asked on spot because it has happened to me in the past. The person scheduled to stand up and pass around the bag does not always show up and I have been asked to fill in.

But I think that a much more safe pair of disco pants to wear would be the ones I have already worn once before–my first pair of Bojeangles. They are not all that tight really. They are still shiny but much looser than the Le Gambi. I’d feel much more comfortable walking around in them. But let me show some pics of me in these Le Gambi pants with the sweater:









-Side note-
I’ve been having a difficult time posting photos on this website the last several entries, including this one. It’s getting to the point where it’s becoming more trouble than it’s worth so I may just cease completely posting pics. I don’t know what has changed to make this so difficult lately. So bear with me as the photos become less and less.

Anyway, I’m getting pretty excited at the thought of wearing these pants. In my last post I mentioned that this Friday we were going to another place where alot of other churches are going to be at. I also mentioned the thought of wearing disco pants to this event. And I get pretty anxious at the thought of wearing them, like I used to get when I’d think about wearing those tight Levi’s back in high school. Just the thought that I would be the only person there wearing skintight shiny pants is awesome! And the thought that many people would be checking the pants out and some of them would be like “what the hell?” and others might actually also like them a lot. There would be people there that I know and haven’t seen in a while so it would be interesting to see their reactions. I know many of them would actually reach out and touch my pants.

OK. I have to go put on those pants right now. I’ll let you know if I decide to wear them tomorrow or even if I go.


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  1. Staci says:

    Great pics…..don’t stop posting!

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