Wore Them After a While

Wore my first Le Gambi black spandex disco jeans last night. That pair is definitely one of my favourite black ones. The shine and tightness are just so perfect. A girl even said to me yesterday that my pants are getting tighter and tighter. Very nice observation! This is the same pair I wore at camp back in the spring.

This week I happened to receive a brand new pair of black Jonden disco pants. It’s awesome having such a brand new, unworn vintage item. They are amazing! Their shine doesn’t seem to be quite as much as the Le Gambi’s but they are really tight and feel good on. Both pairs of Jonden’s I have feature nylon/plastic zippers as opposed to metal zippers all the other brands use.

When I put on these new Jonden pants I did hear some snaps. So some stitching which I could not locate obviously broke. I do not know when I shall actually wear these pants out. I have 6 pairs of black ones now so I don’t really need to be wearing these for the time being. I do have to figure out which black ones I will wear to the Halloween party. Being Halloween, a day for wearing festive costumes without concern for what others might thing, I do want to wear the tightest yet sturdiest ones I have. I’m leaning towards the Le Gambi’s I wore last night because they fit like a second skin and are strong. I might also go for the Frederick’s of Hollywood pair. Or the 2nd Bojeangles I got. The 1st Bojeangles are way too loose. They’re great for Sunday wearing, but I don’t think I will be wearing them on Fridays any more. They served the purpose of making my debut in spandex disco jeans. Now that I have done that I can save them for wearing on Sundays. And wear only my most tightest ones on Friday nights and other special occasions.

Which brings me to next Friday: which ones shall I wear? I’m considering donning the royal blue Le Gambi pants that I have not yet worn. They are tight as hell. The thing is, now that I have worn the blue Jonden’s 2 weeks in a row, I feel I can pretty much wear any of the other ones I have. And the reason I feel this way is because the blue Jonden’s were the extreme. But actually now I have another pair I would consider even more extreme. The silver Le Gambi’s that are tinged with a hint of pink/purple. That pair is now the extreme. The royal blue Le Gambi’s along with the blue Jonden’s are right nearby though.

But that’s what I’m thinking. I want to wear the royal blue Le Gambi’s. However, I still have the silver Michi’s to debut. And one person is expecting to see me in silver ones. But I want to wear the blue Le Gambi’s. We’ll see. Depends if I’ll be playing in the band and what I’ll be playing. Looks like it will be a chilly day though. Was kinda chilly already last night when I walked to my car in my disco pants. I could feel the cold on my legs. I think disco pants are great for chilly to hot weather. But not anything colder. I realize the nylon/spandex combination is pretty thick but not enough for cold weather. I’ll still be wearing them come winter though!

That’s it for now.


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This blog is mostly about spandex disco pants from the 70s, 80s and now!
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