Another Disco Pants Night

Friday is here again. And tonight I have another opportunity to wear some spandex disco jeans. I will be drumming again and looks like that will be the case for quite some time which totally sucks. This means I will not be able to wear some of my other disco pants. Last post, I mentioned that I was considering wearing my absolutely skintight royal blue Le Gambi pants. But with drumming there’s alot of movement and possible rubbing up against the snare. That could cause damage. Plus, there are new people coming now. On any given Friday night there are people’s friends or other visitors dropping by and I know they see me in my skintight shiny disco pants. And truth be told I’m not sure I’m ready to debut the royal blue Le Gambi’s. Pretty weird, huh? I’ve worn the super shiny and skintight electric blue Jonden pants 2 weeks in a row and no big deal really. But now I’m hesitant to wear these.

I think I’m just going to wear my black ones again. I love the 1st pair of black Le Gambi’s I ever got. They’re so strong and so tight and so shiny. Last week when I wore them one girl even told me my pants were getting tighter and tighter. I would like to wear them again, but I’m thinking about wearing the 2nd pair of Le Gambi’s I got. They are tighter in the waist than the other ones so they may cause a good deal of discomfort after a while. I also have my black Frederick’s of Hollywood disco pants which I have not worn yet. I tried them on last night and they fit really really tight which is great, but they also seemed to fit pretty tight through the calves and down to the ankles. I’m not going for the ‘tights’ look as you know. If I were I would have stopped buying disco pants with American Apparel’s. I don’t know. I just prefer the overall fit of Le Gambi’s and Bojeangles. Plus the FOH’s has its button sewn closer to the edge than all my other disco pants. Obviously someone moved the button from its original location in order to fasten the pants. Definitely makes it easier to do so but prevents the zipper from zipping all the way to the very top. I may take the pants in to have the button placed back into its original position.

I don’t think I’ll be wearing my first pair of Bojeangles spandex disco jeans on Fridays anymore. They are looser than my other ones and definitely look better as Sunday wear. I’m gonna save only my skintightest disco pants for Friday nights.

So which ones to wear tonight? I have 4 in mind: the 2 black Le Gambi’s, the 2nd Bojeangles, the FOH. I don’t know which ones I will decide to go with, but I will let you know sometime this weekend. Not expecting anything out of the ordinary tonight but that’s when crap happens, right?  Oh well, we’ll see.

About Spandex Disco Jeans

This blog is mostly about spandex disco pants from the 70s, 80s and now!
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