Another Sunday

So I did it. I wore my spandex disco jeans on a Sunday. Ok, I realize I’ve done it before and I wrote about it, but today was a bit different. I was all ready to wear my Nudie black coated skinny jeans the night before but I put out the Bojeangles black pair #1 in case I worked up the boldness to wear them. I also put out the brown Frederick’s of Hollywood in case I decided on those. And whichever pants I would ultimately pick, they would be worn with 1 of 2 short-ish sweaters I would choose from as well.

In the morning I wanted so bad to wear my disco pants. But I was pretty hesitant considering it was Sunday. Even if I could get over the hump of wearing them to church, there was the hump of wearing them in front of the folks at home. So I figured I would just wear them underneath my Nudie jeans. And I did for a bit while at home but then I was like screw it! The Nudie jeans are nice jeans but compared to the disco jeans they are somewhat restricting and uncomfortable. So I was like, what the hell, and didn’t even put them back on after I took them off in the bathroom. I walked out of the bathroom in my shiny skintight black spandex disco jeans and then out of the house. And it was really NO BIG DEAL!

At church nothing really happened either. Most everyone is used to seeing me now in these pants. Got a few looks from some of the older people. I noticed a few of them looking down at the pants. There were some different people there and they probably saw me and thought whatever. One dude who never saw me before in spandex disco jeans said I reminded him of Joey Ramone, lol. And I played some table tennis in my SDJ’s which made me think about the days when I used to play that in my skintight Levis 505. So now I can say that I’ve played table tennis in both skintight denim jeans–my all time favorite pair, those light blue 505s–and now in skintight shiny spandex disco jeans. And disco pants are so much more comfortable to do anything in!

By the way, on Friday I wore my 2nd pair of black Le Gambi disco pants. Don’t wanna keep wearing the same ones all the time. But this coming Friday I shall don either the other black Le Gambi’s or the black FOH’s or maybe even one of the other colors I have! We’ll see how the week goes.

I haven’t been looking to get anymore disco pants. American Apparel now has one in the color ‘Pearl’ which looks basically white. Very nice. But I don’t think I’d wear white ones. My silver ones already push the limit. You have to be in very good shape to wear white ones. I’ll stick to black, blue and silver.

That’s all for now.

About Spandex Disco Jeans

This blog is mostly about spandex disco pants from the 70s, 80s and now!
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