Disco Pants Psychology

This whole disco pants wearing thing has turned into an interesting experiment for me in human perception and reaction. As I wrote last evening, I wore my black Frederick’s to the usual place I go on Friday nights. It was also pretty chilly yesterday so I decided not to wear another pair of pants over them. I know that does not sound logical, but if you read my previous posts you will understand. I just figured I was gonna walk out of the house in disco pants and not try to hide it. And I did. And it felt great! I’ll be doing that more often now that autumn is here.

It gets darker earlier in the evenings now so by the time I get to church it’s rather dark and no one can see my disco pants. Definitely not enough light to reflect onto the pants. But there is absolutely no more reaction whatsoever to my skintight shiny spandex disco jeans. One dude just mentioned about them being so shiny and another dude just touched them as we were sitting next to each other. That was it! The girls don’t say anything at all anymore. It’s not that no one sees them or does not notice them anymore. Disco pants are ultra hard to ignore. I see their eyes when they look down at my shiny spandex clad legs. But no one says anything anymore because no one really cares anymore and it’s not a big deal anymore. They have gotten used to it and this is exactly the point I have wanted to reach.

It’s been nearly 6 months since I started wearing these pants so it makes sense that it’s not a novel thing anymore. Of course, if I show up wearing any of my blue ones or silver ones I may receive more reaction than average. But with black ones there is very little response. These people are all used to seeing it now. In fact, when I don’t wear disco pants they may start asking me how come I’m not wearing them.

It’s still probably a weird thing for them to see a dude wearing skintight shiny spandex pants. But it is human nature to grow accustomed to things after enough exposure and time. If some other dude from our group started wearing disco pants as well, it would be a big deal all over again for a time. But with regular wearing it would all die down and just be accepted as normal. If a girl among the group started wearing them it would probably be a big deal also but definitely more acceptable overall because after all disco pants are marketed towards girls.

There is still a good number of people there who have not seen me wearing spandex disco pants. It would be fun to get their reaction. Some are teens, some are 20 somethings. The girls hardly say anything. It’s the guys who react more boldly and verbally. I don’t expect the girls to come up and start touching my pants and bending over to get a closer look at them. Only one actually has up to now. But the guys will do that. Some of them have not been coming for a while or only visit occasionally so they haven’t seen the pants. I’m interested in seeing their reaction.

So I’ve worn disco pants 3 times this month already and I see at least 3 more opportunities coming. The most significant one being for our Halloween festival which will have me wearing disco pants amidst many people who have never seen me–nor any guy most likely–wearing such an item. I’ve got my outfit planned out so I hope the weather cooperates by not being too cold nor by raining.

On another note, as I said earlier yesterday was pretty chilly. I felt the cold right through my disco pants. Yet I have read that many girls say that disco pants are great for cold weather. I’m not so sure I agree. My legs really felt cold. When it gets really cold out I will have to go back to wearing another pair of pants over them if only for the times I am outdoors.

Other than that, I would like to wear brown disco pants tomorrow. Or even black ones again with a new sweater I got. Would look hot. I’m not playing so it would be a good opportunity. We’ll see what I end up doing. I’ll be trying some different combos tonight and I’ll make a final decision in the morning.

About Spandex Disco Jeans

This blog is mostly about spandex disco pants from the 70s, 80s and now!
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12 Responses to Disco Pants Psychology

  1. Spandexomatic says:

    Hello all- I am a straight male as well. I myself have a fetish with spandex, latex, heels, corsets, leggings, and of course disco pants. I have 8 pairs in my collection. Wearing them for sure makes me feel sexier. However wearing them in public would be a bit nerve racking for me. I’ve worn spandex in public before while running or bike riding. I also took Ballet, so wearing spandex in class isn’t a big deal. I personally like my disco pants super tight on me, I wear a XS and they feel amazing. I think if Lil Wayne or Russel Brand can wear leggings then why can’t men wear disco pants? Granted I rather wear my disco pants behind closed doors as to avoid any unwanted attention, and I do like to play dress up from time to time…. but boy do I wish wearing spandex for men wasn’t as big of deal as most folks make it. It seems like girls in general get away with A LOT more than guys when it comes to clothes. So for now my disco pants stay on in private.

    • sktL505 says:

      Thanks for reading!
      I like disco pants super tight on me as well. It really doesn’t make sense to wear them any other way.
      When I first got my disco pants I was only going to wear them in private. But the desire to wear them out grew so strong and I convinced myself that after all they are just pants, although shiny and skintight. Church has been the perfect outlet for me to do so, especially since most no one there seems to care anymore that I wear them. The real test for me will come on Halloween when I will be dressed in skintight disco pants for our festival which will be attended by dozens of neighboring or outside people. But then again, it will be Halloween so people expect outlandish wear.
      Hopefully you can find a place to wear your disco pants other than at home.

  2. ramon says:

    hi do aggree with your artical also with the comments i myself have around 9 pairs of spandex disco pants take it u guys live in the states as i live in the uk and attitudes hear are a little less advanced than your i do have to wear mine indoors during day light hours but do go out in the evenings with them on taking my dog for a walk also in the mornings a few people have seen me wearing them but due to the light may aware of what i am wearing i too do love them tight i have been a crossdresser for over 50 years but dare not go out in public when i can be seen i think men look just as good as women in them it is women in the uk that seem to be the most hostile towards us men wearing them but as we all know women go out and to work wearing the same clothes as us and no one cares it seems so unfair to me does that but on saying that i am glad i have found fellow wearers

    • sktL505 says:

      Hi and thanks for your comment.
      Actually I thought that in the UK the attitudes would be more accepting of guys wearing disco pants. Here in the states the attitude is extremely homophobic and anything you do differently from the masses is automatically labelled gay. But, as I shall write about, tomorrow is Halloween here and it will be the first time I wear disco pants among the general public. I’m not expecting anything really because It will just be seen as a costume, but we’ll see how it goes.

  3. Tom says:

    I’ve been obsessed with spandex jeans since the 70’s. I own dozens of pairs of wildly colored leggings (like rockers and wrestlers wear) but still haven’t been able to wear a pair of real disco jeans with pockets and a zipper. I have loved the look from the rock and heavy metal era of the 70’s and 80’s and I have collected as many photos as I could of rockers in their spandex. That’s what really gets me going. I want to get a pair by American Apparel, but a lot of reviews are saying the elastic threads start pulling away from the the seams, to the point where you can see through the material. I find a lot of 80’s spandex had this problem too. All those little white elastic threads working loose from the seams in the crotch area.

    • sktL505 says:

      Hi Tom. Thanks for you comment. What do you mean you haven’t been able to wear a pair of real disco jeans?
      Feel free to share your photos on this blog 🙂
      I would love to see them as well.
      I like the American Apparel disco pants but I don’t think I would ever wear them. They’re just too tight at the ankles compared to the vintage disco pants. Other than that they are pretty great. They look the same and feel the same. I just wish they would make them for guys too.
      There’s a dude from Australia selling his whole collection of vintage ones on ebay right now. They are mostly all well worn with some damage here and there. But they prices aren’t too bad.

      • Tom says:

        What I meant about not being able to wear disco jeans yet is that I can’t find them and when I do (on Ebay) they’re really expensive. I found that guy who was selling his collection but the waist size of them was pretty small. I wouldn’t want to make any more damage than they already had. I was tempted though since the prices were really good.

      • sktL505 says:

        Oh now I understand. Yes, they are expensive. But keep on the lookout. I just recently bought a black pair on ebay for about $50, including shipping. They are in excellent condition too.
        I usually wear size 33 or 34 jeans but I can squeeze into a size 0 disco pant. Disco pants have to be skintight or they’re no fun to wear. The waist band stretches a good amount so after a minute or 2 I can button them and zip them up. But I have started to notice some fabric pulls and broken stitches on mine. So you might want to start with a pair that’s already damaged so you don’t feel bad if they get damaged further.

  4. Tom says:

    Here’s a video clip from You Tube from 1979 with the performers wearing black disco pants with leather biker coats (my favorite fantasy combo)

    • sktL505 says:

      Thanks Tom very much for the video! It’s so great to go back in time to when not only girls wore disco pants but guys did also and it was perfectly fine. If you have any more video links I would greatly appreciate them!

  5. Tom says:

    How do I add photos here? I couldn’t find an upload link.

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