Three In A Row

All right, all right. So Halloween has come and gone and it was really no big deal. Yes, I wore my skintight black Frederick’s disco pants as part of my costume. No one said anything. No one much cared. Granted I had to keep my long coat on because it was pretty darn chilly and that covered up my overall look and the top part of the pants. So the weather put a damper on my plan to introduce myself in disco pants to an audience beyond the regular one. But I received absolutely no comments or reactions regarding my disco pants. So I really have nothing further to say about that event.

The question is am I willing to wear such pants now to places other than church and on days other than Halloween as a result of this wearing? The answer is I’m not sure. As I have said, if it had been a warmer day and I could’ve just worn my short leather jacket with the disco pants I would have been putting myself out there. But the long jacket left the most important part of the pants covered up and hidden from view. So in a sense it’s like I didn’t even wear the pants.

So it was a bit disappointing. But to make up for that I wore my 2nd pair of black Le Gambi disco pants on Friday and played guitar. There were alot of different faces there on Friday night and I suspect they were probably some of the same people who came to the Halloween party. Both young and older. But the real highlight of that night was that two other girls were also wearing black disco pants! Theirs were from American Apparel though and were courtesy of me. One of them in particular filled up her shiny skintight disco pants very nicely and paired them with a short sweater and looked absolutely astounding!

My urge to wear spandex disco jeans was so strong lately that I decided to wear them on Sunday as well! I chose the brand new pair of black Jonden’s which happen to be the most recent ones I have acquired. The Jonden disco pants still have the tags attached because I decided not to take them off. But after having had them on for 6 hours and playing drums and playing some table tennis in them, I noticed alot of broken stitching along the rear seam and crotch seams. Ugh. But the pants were so hot and sexy to be in! They felt so tight yet so comfortable. And yes, I felt a little self-conscious in them but I’m trying to get over that. Only 2 guys made any mention of my disco pants. No one else said anything. I talked a little with someone else about the pants. And that was it. There were some people there who saw me for the first time in these type of pants but they only looked at the pants and said nothing. I can imagine what they were thinking: “What the hell is he wearing??”

So it was a cool past several days. This Friday I’ll be playing in unfamiliar territory so I don’t think I will don any SDJ’s. Good news–great news–is that playing in the band on Sundays is no longer an issue for me anymore which really opens that day up for me in terms of being able to wear disco pants more often! Due to the nature however of it being Sunday I will most likely stick to wearing only black ones or my brown pair. So I can even think about wearing disco pants this coming Sunday! And next Sunday!! And the Sunday after that!!! I’m lovin’ it.

Of course I don’t believe I will be wearing SDJ’s every Sunday. But without a doubt at least one Sunday a month. Not sure about this coming Sunday even though it would make sense since Friday I won’t be. We shall see. In the meantime I am trying to acquire more pairs of black ones because I’m finding pulls on the ones I’ve been wearing!! Crap!!!

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This blog is mostly about spandex disco pants from the 70s, 80s and now!
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