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OK, still trying to keep this thing alive here even though I don’t really have too much to say. But I have a few updates and bits of news.

I went ahead and bought me another red pair of vintage disco pants. I know that I have written here previously that I would never wear red disco pants so there was no sense in keeping the ones I had. Well, the very first pair of disco pants that I ever owned was a red pair of Frederick’s. But they never really fit right. Too loose. And that was a while ago. At that time I certainly didn’t think I would ever wear disco pants publicly, let alone red ones. Then earlier this year I bought a 2nd pair of red Frederick’s but they also did not fit well. And I bought a red pair from American Apparel. They fit great but I don’t think I would ever wear their disco pants in public due to the skintight ankle fit. But a few things happened recently. First I bought a pair of red regular skinny jeans which I have enjoyed wearing all of 2 times. Second, I saw in person a girl wearing American Apparel red disco pants just a few days ago. And it was really cool because I was wearing black ones so I asked her to take a picture with me. It was at the place I usually go to on Friday nights. I almost did not wear disco pants that night, but when I saw her I was so glad I did! Third, I saw a photo of a dude wearing red spandex disco jeans and it looked really good on him. And fourth, I saw Leif Garrett on a Wonder Woman episode where he was playing twins and one was wearing black disco pants while the other was wearing red ones. Looked very good so I decided to give it another try. As long as the pants are vintage ones but they fit skintight from the knees up like AA’s they’ll be perfect.

The interesting thing is that I bought the pair that the dude in the photo (mentioned above) was wearing. And like I said, they look great on him. Absolutely amazing in fact. I’m hoping they will fit me just as skintight as they fit him. Another pair of red Frederick’s. Third time’s a charm? Hopefully. So I bought that one from him and also a black pair that has belt loops! My first pair of disco pants with belt loops!! Well actually not really. I have a silver pair of Frederick’s which I talked about before that have belt loops but don’t fit me. I still have to get that one fixed and then sell it very soon.

Actually I’ve come to realize I don’t really need belt loops on my disco pants. I’ve been wearing a belt with all of mine even though none have belt loops. Works well, no one’s the wiser and gives a better overall look.

So this dude sold all his disco pants collection. Sad because it’s one less guy wearing disco pants. I guess the rest of us must pick up the slack and keep the trend going. It’s not just for women! It’s not, it’s not, it’s not!!! And there is further proof with a video that a commenter posted a link to on this blog of Kate Bush performing in 1979. The video features her wearing black disco pants as well as 2 male dancers wearing black disco pants as well. All 3 pants were skintight, as they should be. Too bad it’s not 1979 now. And not just because of disco pants either…..

But getting back to that guy who sold all his disco pants. He had quite a collection. Every color pretty much. I found a bunch of his pics online. And makes me think twice about selling my turquoise Frederick’s. I still have not worn them. I have a royal blue pair and an electric blue pair. Not sure I would ever wear turquoise but after seeing his photos of him wearing red, purple, gold, silver, white, orange, brown and light blue ones it made me want to have and wear every color also. But I might soon have to put a stop to my disco pants purchasing habit. Money’s getting tight. Need a financial blessing!

In other news, I wore my first pair of black Bojeangles disco pants to Thanksgiving service on Sunday. It was either gonna be them or my skintight Cheap Monday jeans. Those are a very daring pair of jeans which I have not worn in a while because it takes a bit of boldness to do so. I was ready, willing and able to wear them on Sunday, though. But nothing compares to a pair of skintight shiny black spandex disco jeans, so I decided on them. I paired them with a striped t-shirt and a blazer (and of course sneakers) and it looked really good. I wanna dress like that more often but I need some more jackets. And for the first time I kept my shirt tucked into the pants so the whole front and back of the pants could be seen. Of course, I kept the jacket on and buttoned so the whole front and back couldn’t be seen anyway. But as soon as I lose some weight I will allow those 2 areas to be more visible. That’s how the pants are supposed to be worn anyway. Those areas should not be covered unless you’re wearing something like a jacket or vest or sweater that naturally falls over them. And oh, there was really no reaction to my pants that day. No one said really said anything. Some people looked. Some of the adults looked and smiled but that was it. And I walked over to the corner convenience store by myself. Other than the Halloween party, that was the first time I went out into the general public wearing disco pants. They were covered pretty much from the knees up but the rest was visible and shiny. Gotta take these little steps in order to get comfortable wearing disco pants anywhere I go.

Once when I went shopping for new jeans at Kohl’s I wore my skintight Levis 505. And I enjoyed that day looking at myself in those amazing jeans in the mirrors at the store. So Kohl’s is actually a place I want to wear my black disco pants at. It would be so cool to walk around the store in skintight shiny spandex disco jeans and see the reaction of fellow customers and the workers there.

And finally, I got a very good deal on a like-new pair of black Frederick’s on ebay recently. Around $50 with shipping. And the pants were pristine. No pulls, no broken stitches. The pants were hemmed so I undid the hems and they are now perfect length for me. Auction ended sometime in early afternoon which may just be why I was able to get it for so cheap. I was waiting to bid on it at the last minute and I had almost forgotten about the auction were it not for my smartphone. I guess they are good for something?

That’s about it. As far as this month goes, I see one more potential disco pants wearing possible and likely. Maybe I’ll try a different color. Unless something extraordinary happens soon, my next post will come sometime after I receive my new disco pants and a pair of spray-on grey skinny jeans I purchased from

That’s all for now.


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5 Responses to News & Updates

  1. Tom says:

    I found some more disco pants video on You Tube.
    This first link is a compilation of clips of the Solid Gold dancers (there are a number of clips with guys in disco pants of different colors throughout):

    A guy in Lip Service disco pants:

    Same guy in white Frederick’s disco pants:

    Leif Garrett – Chicago 1979:

  2. Tom says:

    A clip of metal band Saxon from 1981. Lead singer in white disco pants.

  3. Tom says:

    More clips of male performers wearing disco pants:

    The Fools: Psycho Chicken (1980)

    Rainbow: Power (1982) – Lead singer in black disco pants

    Rod Stewart: Do Ya Think I’m Sexy (1979)

    Menudo: Persecucioin

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