Skintight Vintage Red Disco Pants

As I am always Googling disco pants and all sorts of phrases involving disco pants, I sometimes come across interesting things. Here is an excerpt I found:

First launched on an unsuspecting public in the 1970’s and 1980’s the disco pant a skin tight shiny spandex trouser was worn unfortunately, by both men and women! At the beginning of the year they hit the fashion radar and once again became the darlings of the super trendy. They are the sort of trouser that you had to lay on your bed to do up – quite often with a metal coathanger through the zip. Like Spanx they are unforgiving – any excess flesh will escape and appear where it shouldn’t . However, they are now starting to go mainstream. A customer came into Violet Hill at the weekend sporting a black spandex pair – and no, she wasn’t going to a 70’s revival night or even a roller disco – she was quite happily sporting them to go shopping on a Saturday. Rosie Dawson who works at Violet Hill has been hunting down a pair of dark navy disco pants and now Leigh Anne of Little Mix has been spotted at the group’s first birthday party wearing a bright turquoise pair. The best place to get them is American Apparel who stock them in a multitude of colours and even have a concession in Selfridges.

I am not completely sure of the writer’s point of view regarding disco pants, but I suspect it is not favorable. This person did accurately state that the pants came out in the late 70s and were worn by both men and women. However, by throwing the word ‘unfortunately’ in there, either this person didn’t like the fact that the pants were worn by men also or just by anyone in general.

As of this writing, I have not yet received my Topman order. Probably the last time I order from them. This is absurd. I bought 2 pairs of disco pants from a seller in Australia on ebay way after the Topman order yet received it much sooner. These Topman skinny jeans better be damn awesome or they are going back. This delay is already leaving me bitter and my expectations are increasing with each passing day I don’t receive the jeans. My order was placed on the 16th of November.

Like I mentioned, I did receive those 2 disco pants I bought on ebay. The red ones are absolutely great and I’m thrilled that finally a vintage red pair fits me skintight. I guess third time is a charm. But I did take the red ones to get some stitching repaired. It should be ready on Monday. The black ones with belt loops have a non-stretch waistband so I can’t fit into them. They are also in pretty bad shape so I will be reselling them. I have no need for damaged disco pants. I will be making my debut in the red ones probably around 2 weeks from now.

Last night I wore my royal blue Le Gambi disco pants for the first time. They are absolutely skintight and by the end of the night I couldn’t wait to take them off because they were really killing my waist. Everywhere else was fine. And I was concerned about wearing them due to their tightness. I was afraid I would end up with areas where they were stretched out or lots of broken stitches. But I really didn’t notice anything. They are pretty strong pants. That’s why Le Gambi is one of my favourite brands of disco jeans. The reaction was limited to 2 girls who noticed the pants and said something. Two of the nicer girls. Some of the little boys also came over and asked me where I got my pants from. They seemed to like the pants, lol. One of them called my spandex disco jeans ‘fancy pants.’ This is further proof that no one really cares anymore that I wear these pants. The only people who still make any comments are those who have an interest in the pants.

I’m really feeling like wearing some black disco pants tomorrow being Sunday. Last time I wore any disco pants on a Sunday was 2 weeks ago. Yes, the Sunday wearings are becoming more frequent. That is the goal. Still not ready to wear any other colours other than black though. But it’s ok. Black is the sexiest. And goes with everything. I will decide between the Jonden’s, my 1st Bojeangles or my 2nd Frederick’s. I wore the Bojeangles 2 weeks ago so I would like to wear one of the other 2. I might wear my new cardigan with the disco pants. The new cardigan is pretty short and would reveal a good portion of the top part of the pants. And I want to tuck my shirt inside the pants. Yes, I am trying to show more of the pants. Not for others’ sake though. Only for me. I like to look down and see that the pants are not covered up by a long shirt. I like to look at myself in a mirror and see the whole length of the pants. I want to live life to the fullest and that means shooting for no regrets and for doing the little things that make me happy. So I will spend the next few hours deciding on disco pants for tomorrow.

There is one potential hang-up however. I will have to stop by some store on the way home to buy some tickets. I can take a walk like I usually do to the corner convenience store and that would be a bold move indeed, to walk around in my skintight disco pants with a good amount of the crotch and rear exposed. I’ve never done that. Even 2 weeks ago when I did walk to the same store in my Bojeangles I was wearing my long coat which covers everything from pretty much the knees on up. Because it’s going to be about 15°C tomorrow I may not need that coat.

And there is one more thing. Boxers or boxer-briefs cannot be worn underneath disco pants. And I don’t wish to go commando–though that does make for a smooth look with no lines–because that does tend to exaggerate any and all signs of possible ‘excitement’. Not that I have an issue with uncontrolled excitement but potentially just walking around in the skintight nylon & spandex with nothing in between may very well be a stimulus in itself. Basically I don’t want to spend the day trying to cover up a bulge. I was supposed to buy some new briefs today. Hmmm….what to do.

Well I must go now and try some different things and get an idea for what I’ll wear tomorrow. I’ll let you know what I decided on and how the day went.


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This blog is mostly about spandex disco pants from the 70s, 80s and now!
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