Twenty-Six & Counting

So as of this moment I have worn disco pants in public 26 times–or 26 different days if you prefer. First time way back in April. Most recent wearing being today. Yes, I did wear disco pants today. I pretty much knew I would.

I got up in the morning and decided to wear the super shiny and tight black Frederick’s disco pants. I figured I already wore the Jonden’s once and it was time to wear one I have not worn yet. However in the bathroom when I went to fasten the Frederick’s the button just snapped off and fell right inside the garbage can. There went my plan to wear those hot disco pants! After I came out of the bathroom I put on my Jonden’s and was figuring I would wear them. But I wasn’t content with the decision. Those super shiny Frederick’s just left such an imprint in my mind that I had to grab my super shiny Le Gambi pair #1 and wear them instead. I have only worn them on Fridays up until today. But they are such a nice and solid pair that they are really good enough to wear on Sundays. So I did. And I wore them with a sweater that was kinda short and allowed a good amount of my disco pants crotch and rear to be seen. There was no reaction. No comments. Sure I noticed a few eyes look at my pants and some new faces do double takes or extended looks.  I saw reflections in a window of someone turning to look as I walked by her.

And I did walk to the corner store to buy lottery. I was ready to go alone but 2 other people joined me which made it a little easier. And yes, I saw people looking at my pants. I walked into a liquor store where this lady seemed interested in my pants. She didn’t say anything but I’m just going by the look on her face. And as I walked out I bet she stared at my pants like ‘what the hell.’ But no one said anything. And that’s great. Now I just gotta lose weight so I can look and feel better in these awesome pants.

Tomorrow I’ll be picking up my red disco pants as well as a few other I dropped off for repairs. I guess I’ll just drop off the ones the button popped off of today. Hopefully they can fix that on the spot and not charge me for it.

Anyway the next opportunity I have for wearing disco pants will be next Sunday. I don’t have a Friday night event this week and there will be some new people on Sunday as well as some others who have not yet seen me in disco pants so I think it’ll be a good opportunity to get some reactions from them. So I’ll decide between the Frederick’s I was going to wear today, my trusty Bojeangles #1 and my black Jonden’s.

About Spandex Disco Jeans

This blog is mostly about spandex disco pants from the 70s, 80s and now!
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2 Responses to Twenty-Six & Counting

  1. sammy says:

    Hey my friend its great to read about your spandex episodes and its great that you wear them in public.One question I have is Do you wash these pants and how do you wash them??.I was always afraid to wash them as I don’t want to ruin them in any way,But I have had a silver pair of Fredricks of Hollywood and I’ve never washed them.I wonder if they would soften up if I did.What do you do.

    • sktL505 says:

      Hi sammy,
      Thanks for reading!
      I have never washed any of these pants. I don’t wear any of them more often than once a week at most so there’s no need to wash. I am also scared of what washing may do to them. If anything I would just soak them in cold water and let them hang dry.
      I don’t even wash most of my jeans often. I don’t like how they get stiff after washing.

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