To Wear Disco Pants Or Not To Wear?

A few updates since I haven’t written in a few weeks. First, the Topman order went back pretty much the next day. So I got that out of my hair and am still looking for the refund in my bank account. Second, I have not yet worn my vintage red disco pants. The Friday night I was planning to wear them on did not happen, so at this point it’s looking like no earlier than January. And then I’m not sure either because I don’t know how these pants feel in extreme cold, which is quite characteristic of January around here. I guess I could wear a 2nd pair over them and just take them off when I arrive at church. All I know is that I’m not going to stop wearing my disco pants now that I’ve worked up the courage to wear them just because of winter.

That’s all for the updates.

Something bold I did this month was wear black spandex disco jeans 2 Sundays in a row. The first Sunday I wore my Le Gambi #1 and the second Sunday was the Bojeangles #1. And tomorrow I am strongly considering wearing the black Frederick’s–or even the same Bojeangles I wore 2 weeks ago–that I had intended on wearing that one Sunday when the button popped off. I feel like it’s been a while since I’ve worn disco pants, and it has. But a lot of people are currently back and on winter break. And there will be people there tomorrow who may not yet have seen me in disco pants. One person in particular might give me a hard time. He has shown insensitive tendencies in the past and pretends to be a know-it-all. Another thing about tomorrow is that I have to practice drums for an upcoming event so I will be in the pants a solid 7 hours. I wore the Bojeangles last time we had practice just so the other band members could get used to seeing me in them. The thing is that I have some other new jeans that I want to wear and especially a pair of new red sneakers that I want to wear. Unfortunately, I don’t think the red sneakers will look good with either disco pants or any of the new jeans. So tonight I’ll probably be spending plenty of time deciding on which pants to wear, not to mention which top(s).

Tomorrow is most likely the last opportunity of this year for me to wear any spandex disco pants. I do have another chance later on in the coming week, as I am going to camp for a few days. I would love to wear them up there at least one day. One whole day. That would be an accomplishment. But I’ll settle for an evening. I will be taking my Bojeangles #1 with me in case I do work up the gumption to wear them at some point.

I used to take plenty of skintight jeans with me every year when I’d go up to camp. This year I’m only taking one pair that I would call ‘skintight.’ I’m so into my spandex disco jeans that I don’t really care that much about regular jeans anymore. Though I do have a pair of Activ Revolt skintight jeans that I would love to work up the courage to wear while there. And of course there are my Cheap Monday’s. But I will take a pair of red skinnies with me also.

Until next time, forever rock the disco pants!

About Spandex Disco Jeans

This blog is mostly about spandex disco pants from the 70s, 80s and now!
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