New Year For Spandex Disco Pants

Been finding a bunch more Menudo videos on YouTube of them wearing spandex disco pants. Seems they wore those amazing pants as late as the year 1986. Always great to see young guys wearing that, even though now it seems so long ago and probably never to return again for guys’ fashion. Though I am surprised–really surprised–and grateful to see that tight jeans for guys has returned as fashionable. Maybe we need a new music movement to bring the disco pants back in fashion for guys. That’s all it takes. Something really popular–namely a band–to be caught sporting the pants and everyone will want them also. Some will say, “I’d never wear that!” I’ve heard it. I have many young friends who said they would never wear skinny jeans when I first started wearing them. Some took a little longer to make skinny jeans a part of their wardrobe but most of them are all wearing skinny jeans nowadays. Not as tight as mine of course. And most likely not because of me. But it does make me feel like a pioneer of sorts, even though they would never credit me as being the reason they now wear skinny jeans.

In my last post–which also was my last post of 2012–I mentioned that I wanted to wear spandex disco jeans to church the following day. Well I ended up not wearing any. Just went for regular jeans. But I did proceed to wear them the following Sunday. I wore my Bojeangles #1. And I also mentioned I would be at camp for a few days. I did go and I did take those same Bojeangles with me. I took them just in case. Wasn’t sure I would wear them. But once I saw my girl friend wearing her black AA ones I knew I would have to sport them at least for a few hours. She was wearing them on the 1st day and I decided to wear them after dinner on the 2nd day. So yeah, I bet some people were like ‘WTF’ but whatever. No one said anything except those who already know me pretty well. I think I wore them for about 6 hours or so. And on the 3rd day that girl wore hers again. So we alternated days and never wore them at the same time. I should have worn them on the 4th day but I didn’t wear them anymore after that one night. But it was good.

Still have not worn the red ones. Still thinking sometime this month though. Oh and I have a pair of shiny lycra Eastbay tights that I bought sometime in the 1990s which I wore on a particularly cold Sunday underneath my shiny spandex disco jeans. So that will help stay warmer when I want to wear SDJ’s in the winter. And might also help with the ‘see-through’ issue of some of the lighter coloured disco pants I have.

Tonight would have been a good opp to wear some disco pants but I don’t think I will be going out. I’ve been sick and just trying to rest more. I have also worn my new red sneaks with black SDJ’s. I think it looks really hot. Ok, so maybe the whole look of disco pants plus running sneakers gives the appearance of exercising or running a race, but I’ve seen photos of girls wearing disco pants with all sorts of different kinds of shoes and it looks great on them. And they’re wearing the AA or other knock-off brands which really resemble running tights. My vintage disco pants do not resemble exercise apparel.

Recently sold my purple Frederick’s. They were nice but not sure I’d ever wear them. I know I said that about red too but there’s just something about red. I have decided to sell my navy blue disco pants because they just don’t fit right (tight enough). Hopefully I will come across another pair of navy blue ones that do fit ideally. And I do hope I come across a vintage pair of shamrock green SDJ’s. I would like to get it by St. Patrick’s Day of course. I did find these on ebay. The color is great but the fit is the modern AA fit which means I wouldn’t wear them in public.



Love the colour, but I am a bit concerned about the fit at the ankles. In the photos the hems are rolled up. I have seen many photos of women having the hems of their disco pants rolled up. Must be a need to show some skin. Anyway, I can’t tell how these pants in the photos fit around the ankles and over the shoes. I am tempted to buy a pair on ebay but they come from the UK and after currency conversion with shipping the price comes out to around $68 and that’s a bit pricey at the moment, especially for something I may not be able to wear and/or may be a hassle to return. Also, I don’t really like the pockets on these pants. Something just doesn’t look right. Maybe they’re too square-shaped? I don’t know.

I contacted the seller to ask about the material. It’s described as 95% polyester and 5% spandex. I’ve never seen real disco pants made out of anything but nylon and spandex. I wanted to know if these are as thick and feel like AA’s disco pants, but the seller just ignored me and has never answered. I guess they don’t need the business.

Not much lately in terms of disco pants being sold on ebay. Mostly modern day imitations and slews of AA ones.

Getting back to Menudo: I can’t really think of any other male artist or band from the early to mid 80s that wore disco pants as much as they did. Came across some videos where they were performing on a tv show wearing yellow, white, grey, blue and red ones. Still can’t tell which brand they wore, but I can see the label at the top of the right-side rear pocket. Saw other videos where they were performing all in black spandex disco jeans. Saw yet another one where they were in shiny, silk-like pants that didn’t look exactly like disco pants. See for yourself:

I’m wiling to bet that those pants they’re wearing in this video are not disco pants. They look like non-stretch satin or silk pants. I can’t even tell if they have pockets in the back. They’re skintight but they just don’t have the look of SDJ’s. Menudo does move around alot in them so I may be wrong about the pants being non-stretch. Even little Ricky Martin’s light blue ones are the tightest pants I have seen him wear with Menudo.

That’s all I have for now. I have yet to wear any disco pants this year. This Sunday I most likely will not but you never know. I just might and if I do it will be the new black Frederick’s that I have not worn yet. I tried them on last night while downloading Menudo videos and they look absolutely shiny, skintight and sexy! We’ll see. It all depends on the mood and the level of adventurousness. I now leave you with this amazing picture.


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