Something About Gold Disco Pants

Nothing really new in my world of spandex disco pants. I haven’t gotten any new ones since the white pair. I am planning to get a gold pair of Le Gambi ones though and I’m hoping this one will be a lot tighter than my gold Frederick’s. If they turn out to be perfect, I will put my current ones for sale. Ebay hasn’t really had many good ones lately. I’ve been somewhat ill and have not worn any of mine in public since I debuted my brown Frederick’s back in January.

I’ve been thinking it would nice to have a forum where guys who like and/or wear spandex disco pants can talk and stuff. I know there are lycra and spandex forums out there but it’s not exactly what I have in mind. I’m thinking specifically one for disco pants only, but I wouldn’t know where to begin with that. If any of you know how to get that started please post on this blog.

I found an interesting blog that had a post detailing the skintight gold disco pants worn by the female lead singer of a Canadian band. The blogger’s description was just so sensual that I had to paste it here.

“Well, first things first, so let’s start with the pants. Because ohhh my god those pants. Gold and shiny and high-waisted and tight like skin. Proper rock ‘n’ fucking roll pants. Pants whose lineage goes back all the way to the glory days of punk and funk and glam. Debbie Harry pants. Joan Jett pants. David Bowie pants. Pants, in fact, so tight that the pockets have become nothing more than vestigial echoes of their more functional ancestors, a satirical sartorial commentary on the whole concept of pocket-dom, a golden guarantee that anything you ever actually manage to get inside them will be lost to you forever. Indeed, I think it’s fair to say that these particular pants do share something of the mystery and allure of a black hole – fascinating and thrilling, but dangerous. A physical impossibility. And so the not-so-simple act of wearing them, of being the person inside them, is to flirt with the sublimely absurd. To flip a big flashy lycra finger at the idea of practicality, function, and reason. To celebrate, in pant form, the same libidinal currents that give rock ‘n’ roll so much of its power: sexuality, excess, abandon, arrogance. These pants – like rock ‘n’ roll itself, like so many of the things that make life worth living – are a giant fuck you to death, to our biological and physical limitations, to the ultimate existential meaninglessness of the universe. They are joy for the sake of joy.” (the little red umbrella)

Nothing derogatory, nothing detracting. Seems almost like a fascination, but just short of an obsession that yours truly possesses. And I appreciate that the author stated that both men and women used to wear these awesome pants (albeit a slightly different cut). And I’ll share some photos I found from that post.




Very nice and skintight! And shiny!! I would love to have an opportunity to perform like that in skintight disco pants. And people would take photos and post them on the internet. And some people would comment that they’re very sexy, and even more would comment that they look so wrong, especially on a guy. But who cares? I’d be doing something I love and something very bold and courageous. So even if there would be many who think I looked awful in such pants at least they would have to give me credit for doing my thing. Right?


About Spandex Disco Jeans

This blog is mostly about spandex disco pants from the 70s, 80s and now!
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3 Responses to Something About Gold Disco Pants

  1. Tom says:

    I found a clip of Cher from 1979 with her old rock band Black Rose on You Tube. She’s wearing spandex, but not cut like disco pants, however what caught my eye was that 2 of her bandmates (bass player on the left and backing vocalist in sunglasses on the right) are wearing black disco pants. I remember seeing this when it was first broadcast and even then really getting off of these macho dudes wearing disco pants and really lookin hot.

    • sktL505 says:

      Very nice video. Thanks for the link! Funny how things change so quickly. You would never see guys in bands wearing pants like that now. Of course it is hard to wear pants like that when they really don’t make them unisex anymore.

  2. Tom says:

    Here is the link:

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