Thrift Store Skinny Jean

I came across a pair of Levi’s 510 super skinny jeans at a thrift store a few weeks ago. My purpose in buying them for a mere $5.72 with tax was to resell them for a bit more. Being 510’s however, the thought did cross my mind to try them on before selling them. Well, 2 weeks later I did. I tried them on tonight actually and they are amazingly awesome! They fit really tight. Not super skintight like my Bettina Liano’s and Cheap Monday’s. Those 2 jeans are like 2nd skins on me and I usually can’t work up the courage to wear them in public (though I have on several occasions). These thrift store Levi’s are the kind of tight that are exciting to wear and the kind that I would wear around my friends, but I would still feel a bit self-conscious wearing them by myself in public. They have all the nice wrinkles that form around the crotch and below the arse and around the knees. And they really hug the butt and give it a very nice outline.

Whatever dude wore these jeans broke them in pretty nicely. No rips or tears or stains. Just some nice fading on the thighs and knees and a nice cell phone wear mark on the front pocket. When sitting down the fading around the knees and thighs actually gives the jeans the illusion of being  shiny which is another plus. Needless to say I decided to make these jeans my own and I can’t wait for the opportunity to wear them. These may just be the finest Levis 510’s I’ve ever owned, and I’ve owned plenty.

I have probably owned 40, 50 or even more pairs of Levis 510’s. Since I started buying skinny jeans back in 2007, Levi’s 510’s and 511’s have taken up the majority of the jeans in my wardrobe. I sold most of them over the last few years–some brand new, never worn–and I am currently down to 3 pairs of 510’s, not counting this thrift store treasure. I’ve probably had 50+ pairs of 511’s as well and currently down to 7. So you might wonder why I bought so many of these jeans just to end up selling them. Well, first I guess my desire to acquire them was greater than my desire to actually have and wear them. Second, most of them never really fit ideally, or the color wasn’t right or the fading looked too fake.  Yes, there a few that I regret having gotten rid of because I can no longer find them. I had 2 pairs of 510’s in ‘Chainlink’ (grey), one size 32 the other size 34, which I bought from PacSun. The 32’s fit pretty skintight while the 34’s were a lot looser and even loosened up more as I wore them. But the 32’s were really sexy. Something about grey, tight jeans. And they were thick denim. Not like the thinner grey ones they’re trying to pass off now. Unfortunately I sold both. I also had a crapload of 510’s in ‘Chipped.’ Sold all but the loosest one I ordered. Should’ve kept one in size 32. I don’t think there are any others that I regret not having anymore.

The fit and look of these thrift store skinnies are pretty close to perfect. I imagine the wearer probably wore them everyday or every other day at least. Not sure why he would have given up such an awesome pair of pants. Perhaps he gained weight and they didn’t fit anymore. Maybe he just changed his style. Or maybe someone donated his jeans without his knowing. Whatever the reason it’s my gain.

There are some articles of clothing that look better to me worn and broken in. This includes skinny jeans, tight jeans and sneakers. Nothing better than a well broken-in pair of Converse All Stars, Vans Authentics, or many a different type of leather sneakers including Nikes, Reeboks and K-Swiss.

If I have the time tomorrow, I will write about the sudden explosion in metallic skinny jeans available both for men and women. I think this may be thanks to American Apparel’s disco pants. Ever since their disco pants have come out there are all sorts of versions of shiny tights, leggings and pants now available to both men and women. But I’ll say more about that next time.


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This blog is mostly about spandex disco pants from the 70s, 80s and now!
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2 Responses to Thrift Store Skinny Jean

  1. Arlene says:

    I just listed my Le Gambi Python print Disco pants on EBay tonight…size 11/12. Wore them once to a Van Halen concert in the 80’s. They are in excellent cond. Just in case you’re interested! Hated to part with them…but at 47, I think I’m past my prime with the pants…but I did hold on to them for 30 something years! lol

    • sktL505 says:

      At 47, you are still a spring chick and and should consider still wearing disco pants!
      Thanks for the heads up about the pants. Python print is not necessarily my thing, but perhaps it is for any of the handful of readers of this blog.

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