Sneaker-Boots Finally!

I tried on my 1 remaining pair of American Apparel disco pants last night and they felt very good! It is a black pair in size medium and they fit pretty skintight. I did have a pair in size small which fit somewhat tighter, but I gave them away to a friend just because I wanted to see her wear disco pants and because she would be adventurous enough to do so.

But trying on those AA disco pants last night made me want to get more of them and made me long for the ones I sold and no longer have. Especially the navy blue ones. I have video and pics of me in those and they were so incredibly sexy. Navy blue is a color that has been eluding me in terms of vintage disco pants. I should have hung on to the navy blue AA ones. I still don’t think I’d wear AA disco pants (or any other modern version) out in public, mainly due to their tights-like appearance. But I would still like to have them and I might consider getting a pair of navy blue ones again. I can currently get one for $68, not including tax and shipping. Still a bit high for something I may never wear out.

I’m going to post some pics of me in my AA disco pants, but first I want to ask a question. Remember in a previous post that I was longing to find a sneaker-type boot? Well, it looks like I finally found one! It may not be perfect in every sense but it’s the closest thing I have come across and the price is right. It’s a Vans unisex slip-on boot. Yup. the Vans Slip On sneaker but with a tall shaft to resemble a boot. Here’s a photo:

1853581-p-MULTIVIEW (1)

Awesome, right? I found them on while looking around for some lesser-priced Vans Authentics in red and in white. I came across these sneaker-boots and immediate bought them. Only one left in size 10 and no other sizes larger than that. So glad I found them when I did. I knew they were as close to what I was looking for as possible and they would go great with my disco pants and super skinny jeans. Would definitely purchase a 2nd pair if they had it.

So here are a few pics of how these sneaker-boots look with my AA disco pants:




And there’s no underwear underneath the disco pants so no unsightly lines to be seen. They look and feel better this way.

Since my last post I have come into 2 more pairs of vintage spandex disco pants: one gold and one silver. Both are Le Gambi which may just be my favourite brand of disco pants. The gold ones fit skintight and much better than my gold Frederick’s so I’ll be getting rid of the Frederick’s. The silver ones are equally skintight but they have some stains around the crotch area. I might try taking them to the cleaners to see what they can do about it.

While I was taking pics of me in my black AA disco pants and Vans sneaker boots yesterday I also took some of me in my new gold Le Gambi disco pants. Here are a few:










I wanted to include some pics of me in my skintight Bettina Liano Ace skinny jeans and Vans sneaker boots, but for some reason WordPress is being difficult. So I’ll try again tomorrow. And I haven’t forgotten about the metallic jeans I spoke of in the last post. I will get to them eventually. That’s all for now.

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2 Responses to Sneaker-Boots Finally!

  1. Chris says:

    I hear the AA disco pants have problems with the elastic threads in the material pulling away from their seams with repeated wearings, leaving some areas (mostly the stress points) nearly see through. That’s what has kept me from ordering a pair.

    • sktL505 says:

      That’s something I’ve heard too, but I’ve also heard the opposite. It could be a matter of over-wearing the pants or just getting a bad one in the lot. I know these pants are meant to be worn skintight, but maybe some are wearing them too tight and too often. All disco pants when overly stretched tend to be see-through. But I still recommend these pants unless you can find vintage ones–which are stronger–but will cost more.

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