Collection Update & Ratings

My current spandex disco pants collection includes:

– 1 black American Apparel
– 1 gold Le Gambi
– 1 silver Le Gambi
– 1 silver/lilac Le Gambi
– 1 royal blue Le Gambi
– 1 electric blue Jonden
– 1 turquoise Frederick’s of Hollywood
– 2 black Frederick’s of Hollywood
– 1 black Jonden
– 1 white Jonden
– 2 black Bojeangles
– 1 silver Michi
– 1 red Frederick’s of Hollywood
– 2 black Le Gambi
– 1 brown Frederick’s of Hollywood

I also have a couple pairs not listed here because I am selling them and not interested in keeping them. These are the ones I have not worn in public yet:

– black AA
– gold Le Gambi
– silver Le Gambi
– silver/lilac Le Gambi
– turquoise Frederick’s
– 1 black Frederick’s
– white Jonden
– silver Michi
– red Frederick’s

So basically I’ve worn half of my collection in public. 50%. So why haven’t I worn the ones I haven’t worn yet? Ok. The black AA because, even though they are amazing and absolutely awesome, are made to fit like tights/leggings (see photos on my last post). If folks weren’t so damn small-minded I could get away with wearing them without any big deal or incidences. But they’re very sexy. See photos.

The gold Le Gambi’s haven’t been worn yet because I just very recently got them and haven’t had the opportunity. Same reason for the silver Le Gambi’s.
The silver/lilac Le Gambi’s because they just might be the tightest disco pants I own which makes me a little more self-conscious in them than in others. And they tend to be a little see-through due to the light color and super tightness.
The turquoise Frederick’s because I haven’t been 100% sure I would keep them so I didn’t want to wear them. They are tight like disco pants should be but not as tight as many of my other ones, which actually makes them more wearable in public.
The black Frederick’s because they are also a more recent addition to my collection and when the opportunity to wear them came up, I opted for other ones. They are really tight and feel so good on! Would definitely wear them on a Sunday.
The white Jonden’s because the zipper broke when I first tried them on (and I haven’t gotten it fixed). Thus I was not able to get the zipper up. And the reason is that these pants are just so very tight that in the struggle to get the zipper up (after much effort in fastening the button) the zipper tab just broke in my hand as I was pulling it up. Even upon fixing this zipper I don’t think I will be able to wear these pants. I’m afraid they just might bust at the seams!
The silver Michi’s because again I’ve been avoiding wearing the lighter colours due to their see-throughness and also their tendency to display things more prominently than darker ones. Though these Michi’s aren’t all that tight–they’re more in line with the turquoise Frederick’s–a bulge does make itself seen if a long shirt is not covering it. I think the reason for the bulge showing is because the pants are not completely skintight. I don’t recall a bulge problem with the silver/lilac Le Gambi’s, which are out-of-this-world tight. But I’ll have to verify that.
Finally, the red Frederick’s because they also are one of my newer additions and the opportunity has not arisen.

There is a party later this month for some graduates that, if I am able to go, I plan dressing a bit outlandishly which will include one of these disco pants and my new Vans sneaker boots. I wore my gold Frederick’s last year to this event and some people liked my outfit. This year I am considering wearing one of the following:
– red Frederick’s
– turquoise Frederick’s
– silver Le Gambi
– silver Michi
– silver/lilac Le Gambi
– royal blue Le Gambi
I wouldn’t wear gold again even though the pair I now have is a totally different one. And I know that the both silver Le Gambi’s and the royal blue one would be killing my waist. I’ve worn the blue ones on a Friday night last year and honestly I couldn’t wait to take them off because the waistband was so tight. At first you don’t feel it so much. But after an hour or 2 it starts hurting. But well worth it of course to be inside one of the best trousers ever made. I would even consider wearing the white Jonden’s if the zipper weren’t broken and I could get them on. Shiny white disco pants are incredibly sexy!

Now I’m going to rate all my disco pants in terms of tightness on a scale from 1 to 5, with 5 being tight to the max, possibly uncomfortable, and difficult putting on and/or fastening; and 1 being snug yet comfortable and rather easy to put on and fasten. I was originally going to use a 10 point scale but seeing as how nothing would rate under 5, a 10 point scale would be superfluous. So here goes:

– black American Apparel: skintight, body-hugging, a little loose in the crotch when sitting,            not too difficult to put on and fasten: 3.5
– gold Le Gambi: skintight, body-hugging, very difficult putting on and fastening: 4
– silver Le Gambi: skintight, body-hugging, very difficult putting on and fastening: 4.5
–  silver/lilac Le Gambi: skintight, body-hugging, looks painted-on, very difficult putting on and fastening: 5
– royal blue Le Gambi: skintight, body-hugging, looks painted-on, very difficult putting on and fastening, uncomfortable on waist after a while:  4.5
– electric blue Jonden: skintight, body-hugging, tendency to pull down and loosen up on the butt area, very difficult putting on but not difficult to fasten: 3.5
– turquoise Frederick’s of Hollywood: tight, snug, not difficult to put on or fasten, very comfortable to wear: 2.5
– black Frederick’s of Hollywood #1: skintight, body-hugging, looks painted on, not too difficult to put on but difficult to fasten: 4
– black Frederick’s of Hollywood #2: skintight, body-hugging, looks painted on, not too difficult putting or fastening: 3.5
– black Jonden: skintight, body-hugging, looks painted on, somewhat difficult putting on but not fastening: 3.5
– white Jonden: skintight, body-hugging, looks painted-on, extremely difficult to put on and fasten: 5
– black Bojeangles #1: tight, body-hugging, comfortable to wear, not difficult putting on or fastening: 3
– black Bojeangles #2: skintight, body-hugging, not difficult to put on or fasten: 3.5
– silver Michi: skintight, body-hugging, not difficult to put on or fasten: 3.5
– red Frederick’s of Hollywood: skintight, body-hugging, looks painted on, somewhat difficult to put on and fasten: 4
– black Le Gambi #1 (small tag): skintight, body-hugging, looks painted-on, not too difficult to put on or fasten, comfortable to wear: 4
– black Le Gambi #2 (large tag): skintight, body-hugging, looks painted-on, not too difficult to put or fasten, comfortable to wear: 4
– brown Frederick’s of Hollywood: tight, snug, not difficult to put on or fasten, very comfortable to wear: 2.5

There it is. Those are my ratings. You’ve seen pics of me in most if not all these pants so you can make some determinations for yourself. That’s all for now.


About Spandex Disco Jeans

This blog is mostly about spandex disco pants from the 70s, 80s and now!
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15 Responses to Collection Update & Ratings

  1. Troy says:

    Hello There, I tried to message you through your you tube account because I had some questions on sizing of vintage disco pants and I’ve passed up many pants on ebay solely because I didn’t think that any of them wouldn’t fit me.I bought a pair of fredericks years ago and the tag says size 13 on them,Keep in mind I’m 6″1 with a waist of 33″ and they are too tight,(Cant walk tight) So when I look on ebay I never see size 13,I see size 1,2,3,4 Ect,So I don’t buy.Well I decided to message a seller on ebay who has sold the most pairs of Disco Spandex I’ve ever seen over the years and figured if any body knew any thing she would. And this was her reply.

    They are hard to find in true vintage pants. With most of the brands the sizing is as follows size 0 = 3/4, 1 =5/6, 2=7/8. 3=9/10. 4=11/12. and 5=13/14. In all my years selling disco pants I have only had a five probably 3 or 4 times. Now these pants do have ALOT of stretch…and this pair seems to be bigger then other 4’s that I have had. Now Fredericks did make another style that has belt loops and there is sizing is just a junior sizing of 1,3,5,7 etc..and you can find 13’s in them (I actually have a black pair) but they are a slightly lighter material and thinner legs)…Hope that helps some.

    Well This makes me believe I possibly have a juniors cut,Mine does have belt loops and as they are true Fredericks Disco pants they are a little less stretchier than others,As they don’t have that full silly putty stretch,But this was very helpful to me as I thought I could only fit into a 13.I like tight Spandex Pants but Not as tight as I have.So know I might be able to buy a pair.But this seller was very helpful and we conversed back and forth about Disco Spandex.

    • sktL505 says:

      Sorry for not replying sooner. Did we communicate through YouTube? Someone there had similar questions/comments. I’ve been out of the loop a bit so I’m not completely sure who I’ve spoken with and all.

      • Troy says:

        Yes we did talk through you tube,was trying to get a hold of you this way as well.More or less these pants are in girls(Juniors) and women’s sizing,which confused me, as you know men just have to buy as waist size and now I find that 5=13/14 but the juniors is more skin tight than a womens size,Didn’t know.

      • sktL505 says:

        Oh, that’s right. Juniors are usually girls late teens or 20s.
        Well, hope you post some pics here of how they fit you because if they do look good I may get some too.

      • Troy says:

        Well you have seen the pics and video which is this,But honestly this is just too tight,There is a panic of a zipper ripping,losing a button which it is now,or tearing at the seams,and I cant sit.

      • sktL505 says:

        That is a great fit! That’s the kind of fit I go for. I don’t worry about splitting seams or popping buttons or zippers. These pants are pretty strong and well made. The only that happens on some of my tighter ones is that after a few hours of wearing them, there are some signs of permanent over-stretching.

      • Troy says:

        Also these are thinner than the common women’s Fredericks,Wonder why???

      • sktL505 says:

        They may be a newer version. I had a pair of Frederick’s that had belt loops but they fit more like tights than pants. I couldn’t even get them on all the way.

    • matso says:

      hallo , i could not see if you are a woman ore a man . When you are a woman , would you be interested in selling pics of you wearing discojeans ? I normally buy lots of pics of women in leather pants but i am a big fan of spandex discojeans too . I hope you are interested , greetings matso

  2. Chris says:

    What do you think about these disco pants they’re selling in the UK?

    It says they’re 80% Nylon, 20% Spandex. I’m tempted to buy a pair since they’re much less than AA’s version.

    • sktL505 says:

      Hi Chris,
      Those look good. My philosophy is that as long as they’re shiny, made of nylon & spandex, have a button & zipper and have back pockets they’re good. I’ve seen plenty of copycats out there that look like crap and I would stay away from. But there are also many good ones that are a lot less than AA’s. Of course, one of the problems in buying overseas means you might have to pay a heftier shipping fee. If you get them, let us know how they are.

  3. Chris says:

    I decided to go ahead and buy a black pair. At $23 and $6 shipping from UK to USA, I figured it was worth a try. We’ll see.

  4. Chris says:

    I got em today. They are awesome. Very well made and are pretty much equal to AA’s version and at a fraction of the price.

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