Everyone Can Wear Them!

So make it 21; that is, 21 pairs of spandex disco pants I now own. Just recently acquired a vintage Frederick’s pair in fuchsia. Yeah, most people including myself thinks it’s spelled fuschia. Now I know better. So yes a new pair and it was pretty pricey. But they look good. See for yourself:


Very nice colour. Never saw this colour before. Of course I’ve only been heavily looking for disco pants for only about a year now. But in this past year I may have been one if not the most obsessed disco pants internet explorer. But anyway, as you can see the pants are just a tad bit short on me so I need to wear them either with high top Chuck Taylors of with my Vans boots.

The fit is great as you can see. Skintight precisely where it needs to be.


Photographing the exact color was very difficult with my camera. If I did not use flash, they looked pretty much red. Had to use flash and even then it didn’t do justice. The first picture more correctly represents the true color.

I have a few other things to mention so I’m just going to start writing about them even if it doesn’t flow very well.

Alright, yesterday I saw a young white dude (early 20s, maybe younger) wearing black leggings with a leather jacket. I’m not really into leggings unless they’re shiny and skintight, but I applaud that guy for having the courage to dress like that. I figure if he likes to wear leggings he probably likes skinny jeans as well. And he probably would wear American Apparel disco pants. Would definitely get him a pair if we were friends.

Speaking of guys wearing disco pants, I came across an 18 year old Asian guy on YouTube who wears disco pants. He shows a couple different ways to style them and surprisingly all the comments left on his video were very positive! And even more surprising is that most of the comments are from girls!! Here is the video:

And I love what he says in the beginning: “Yes, disco pants are for women, but everyone can wear them…it’s not about a certain clothing item being for men or for women…it’s about having fun, wearing what you wanna wear and being comfortable with it.” That’s a great attitude and perspective and we need millions more like him. The disco pants he wears in the video look great on him, but he probably could have sized down some. They are definitely not as tight as I like to wear them.

I have changed the title of this blog to “How I Style Disco Pants,” since the whole concept of disco pants has taken over my original intent for this blog, which was mainly to speak of and reminisce about when I first started to wear tight pants in high school and the awesome and unforgettable pleasure it brought on many levels. Of course I will still mention tight pants and skintight jeans that are not of the disco pants variety. But the grand focus will be on disco pants, both vintage and modern.

There are a couple of pairs of disco pants on ebay that  I am bidding on at the moment. There’s a white one in particular that I really want to win. I don’t have a white one that fits at the moment and this one would be great. There’s a light pink one that I’m bidding on as well but if I don’t win that one I won’t be terribly disappointed. They both end today and I really am hoping for the white one. Trouble is, I know who is currently outbidding me and this person may go higher than I may be willing to go. This person is also another huge fan of disco pants. Been wearing them longer and wears them more often than I do.

After 4 months of not having worn any disco pants, I finally wore my red ones a couple nights ago. It was that event that I mentioned in previous posts. Yeah, I decided on red. As I mentioned they are pretty darn tight–perfectly tight, rather–and I had them on for about 4.5 hours. After I took them off though I noticed a bunch of those nasty little areas where they overstretched around the pockets, butt seam, waistband. I don’t mind the waistband ones but around the pockets and seams is a no-no! Ugh. Now I’ll have to start looking around for another red pair.

Quick update: I did not win the white disco pants on ebay. Shame. So hard to find white vintage ones. I did win the the pink ones though. I will try them on and see how they fit. I may end up not keeping them. We’ll see.

I am thinking about ordering some metallic, leather-like jeans from 7 For All Mankind. They have a few different colours at 60% off–final cost about $91. Still expensive but a big discount. I just don’t know which size to get. These jeans have no stretch. Their finish reminds me of my Rocker in Indianapolis shiny jeans which have a very nice, high shine. Hard to find jeans like that for guys. Very glad they whole shiny look for pants is currently in. I think I’ll keep wearing them even when the look goes out!



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This blog is mostly about spandex disco pants from the 70s, 80s and now!
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  1. discopantsfetish says:

    Hey all, thought you might like to see my collection of tight shiny spandex disco pants pics. I wear them with heels, corset, and bodysuit. Here is the link to the forum where they are posted, thanks:

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