Ever Growing Disco Pants Collection

In the time since my last post I have added 3 more spandex disco pants to my collection. First, I acquired another black Frederick’s of Hollywood which fits very nicely. One can never have too many black pairs of disco pants as the colour is so universal and can be worn with any and everything. Second, I purchased a brand new navy Bojeangles disco pants. And when I say brand new I don’t mean “new old stock” or unworn-with-tags-vintage. I mean brand-new-made-in-the-present! Yes, the great news is that Bojeangles and Le Gambi disco pants featuring the original, vintage straight-leg cut are being made once again and the pants are absolutely amazing. The vintage, pre-owned ones are great but nothing really beats having brand new. And these have a brand new smell to them also. The vintage ones all have that vintage lycra smell to them. You know what I’m talking about, right? But I still love the vintage ones. But yes, you can now get brand new pairs of vintage-fit spandex disco pants if you know where to look. And these are most definitely unisex, as they look more like a pair of jeans/pants instead of American Apparel’s (and dozens of copycats) legging version. My first pair is in navy. I’ll be getting other colours as soon as possible.

And third, I got a vintage pair of Frederick’s of Hollywood spandex disco jeans in a grey blue or steel blue color. An awesome colour and a very nice fit. Not as tight as my lilac Le Gambi’s or red Frederick’s which I categorize as extremely tight but not as loose as my size 4 black Bojeangles either. Somewhere in between and I would call it perfect. Same goes for the navy blue Bojeangles I just got.

I may post photos of the new additions if I get around to it.

About Spandex Disco Jeans

This blog is mostly about spandex disco pants from the 70s, 80s and now!
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4 Responses to Ever Growing Disco Pants Collection

  1. Rachel Lynn B says:

    Bojeangles and Le Gambi are producing Disco Pants again?! I’ve been looking at your blog ever since I got into Disco Pants about a year and a half ago and you always talk about different brands and perhaps the “original!” It’s so fascinating. You’re such a good help to anyone who loves Disco Pants ^_^ Where can we find the new ones?

    • Rachel Lynn B says:

      I only own the deep peacock and red at American Apparel and I don’t know weather I should just buy some more or track down the vintage pieces maybe even the “brand new made in the present” x)

      • sktL505 says:

        Hello and thanks for reading my blog!!

        Yes, Bojeangles and Le Gambi vintage fit disco pants are being made again. If you want to get away a bit from the leggings-look version of American Apparel’s these would be great! As I mentioned they are quite pricey but well worth it.
        You can contact the following seller on eBay: covetedobsessions
        There you can ask questions and so forth. This seller does not currently have any listed but you will be able to buy directly from them if you choose.
        I still like AA’s version of disco pants but because of its cut there is a much more limited group of people who might feel comfortable wearing them..

      • sktL505 says:

        I can give you direct contact info regarding the newly made Bojeangles and Le Gambi disco pants if you want.

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