Disco Pants–Common Street Wear For Everyone

I was just thinking–this whole American Apparel disco pants revival has taken these beloved pants–although not in their exact original form–from being worn by mainly celebrities and also by the less-than-celebrity in dance club environments to everyday street wear, especially among the non-famous. It’s not that I’ve seen anyone around where I live and hang out at sporting them. But just by the sheer number of  OOTD (outfit of the day) and “How I Style” YouTube videos and blog posts featuring them, it’s obvious it has become a staple item in many ladies’ wardrobes. And that is victorious because one can go out wearing them and not resemble a circus act and attract too many stares or too much attention. Of course they are still a unique item and people will look, particularly if a guy is wearing them. I would stare, too, no matter who was wearing them but that’s because I love disco pants and enjoy seeing others wear them. That’s why I’ve given some of my friends (girls) disco pants from AA as gifts. I know one of them wears them pretty regularly. Another one of them said she wore them regularly but not cannot fit into them anymore. I saw her in them only once and she looked great but a tad bit self-conscious. She was also very hesitant when I first offered to get them for her. I’m not sure why because she typically wears some of the tightest jeans and pants of the group of girls I know. Hope she can go back to fitting in them. I’m sure if she just tried a little harder she would get them on. I mean, hell, if I can fit into size small she can too!

The third girl will most likely be very hard for me to see wearing her disco pants. It will have to be through photos because I’m never really with her in person. I’ve only seen one photo of her in them and she looks great, too. She totally surprised me when she agreed to accept my offer of disco pants. Never thought she would go for them. And she likes them.

Would I ever buy any disco pants for my guy friends? Sure, but I can’t imagine any of them wearing AA’s version. I think the vintage fit ones are better for guys but if I did have a friend who wanted the AA ones I would probably get them for him. I’m totally confident some of my guy friends–by the way, why can girls call their girl friends girlfriends but boys can’t call their boy friends boyfriends??–would want to wear disco pants but would be totally self-conscious and embarrassed in them.

But anyway this whole disco pants resurgence has made the spandex disco pant or jean ubiquitous and widely acceptable as common street wear. Which ultimately is great for me because, even though still incredibly rare and more uncommon than getting struck by lightning twice in the same place, I as a guy can wear them out in public anywhere I go and not have to worry too much about any comments, stares or chuckles from the depraved ones out there who can’t see anything beyond the miniscule, warped and pathetic worlds they live in.

I finally nearly got over the hump of wearing-the-tightest-skinny-jeans-I-can-and-not-caring-what-others-think. Now I need to do the same with spandex disco pants. I don’t care if I become locally known as the “dude who wears spandex pants everywhere.” There was a concert last month that I had wanted to go to  and I would have certainly worn black disco pants to it. But I was not able to go.

That’s all for now. In the meantime, let’s make disco pants a more commonly seen item on our streets, in our malls, in our churches, et al., and by both guys and gals.
True equality begins with disco pants for everyone!


About Spandex Disco Jeans

This blog is mostly about spandex disco pants from the 70s, 80s and now!
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