I Still Like AA Disco Pants

I’m experiencing seller’s remorse lately.

I used to have American Apparel’s disco pants in deep peacock, red and midnight navy. I sold them and unfortunately now I want to have them again. I know that I constantly gripe about the fit of their disco pants but they are still awesome, hot and sexy pants and everyone needs to have one. I would most likely never wear them in public for the very same reason that I love them: that they are skintight all the way from top to bottom, like super skinny jeans or leggings or running tights, and that makes them cool for wearing in the privacy of one’s own home. Unlike vintage disco pants, these don’t cover up your footwear at all and even expose your socks. So they have a unique quality that vintage disco pants don’t, and that makes them cool in their own way.


I make videos of me wearing all my disco pants. So as lately I’ve been watching them, I have seriously regretted selling those above-mentioned pairs. And now I will have to go through with the undaunting task of having to re-buy those pants in those colours. The good news is that soon I may be able to buy as many as 5-7 pairs all at once. And the colours I want are midnight navy, red, deep peacock, cranberry, royal blue, charcoal and pearl. According to the website, there’s a new colour available: taupe. But no pictures yet.

I realize that $85 is a lot to pay for these pants. But as I look at all the other dupes available on ebay and other sources for sometimes a lot less money, there is always something that concerns me about them. Many of them are 100% polyester. Many others are 95% polyester and 5% spandex. And I’m only speaking of trousers that can be truly be called disco pants; meaning they have a button & zip closure and 2 rear pockets. Anything else that does not have all those criteria yet still goes by the name of disco pants is bullshit. Stay away from them and avoid them like the plague. They don’t look good. You might as well purchase spandex running tights from your local athletic store and wear them instead.

I know that nylon and polyester may be closely related materials, but I want my disco pants in nylon, thank you very much. I’ve come across some disco pant dupes that are made from polyamide (nylon) and spandex but the back pockets look weird. So really, American Apparel is the best maker of disco pants, price notwithstanding. The pockets are awesomely cut and placed, the shine is perfect, the length is ideal (even for someone with long legs and who is over 6 feet tall) and the button/zipper are all there. Though I’m tempted to buy some of these other brands that are cheaper and look just as good in the photos, I find myself holding out so as not to regret throwing away money.

Stick with American Apparel on this one, folks. You won’t regret it. But of course if you get a pair that’s perhaps a tad bit too tight and you wear them everyday they will break down sooner than later. That’s why it’s best to have a few pairs to rotate and not get ones that are the tightest you can fit into. Yeah, it would be great to see you everyday in your tightest disco pants but they may not last you as long and then we’ll both be upset.


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This blog is mostly about spandex disco pants from the 70s, 80s and now!
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4 Responses to I Still Like AA Disco Pants

    • sktL505 says:

      Thanks Tom! Those look really good and the fact that they’re 80/20 just like AA’s along with the price makes me want to get some.

  1. Andrew says:

    Share the videos!

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