Brand New Vintage Cut Disco Pants Available Now!!!

Hello again disco pants (and skinny jeans) lovers! First I just want to say that I have a new pair of disco pants in my collection. It’s a brand new American Apparel one in charcoal. It’s a size small and unfortunately when I tried it on it wouldn’t fit. So I’m probably going to have to go with medium at smallest and perhaps large ideally when buying AA disco pants.

I have mentioned a few times in my previous posts about brand new vintage cut disco pants being made once again under the names of Le Gambi and Bojeangles. I’m going to devote this post entirely to that subject.

So I’ve mentioned on a number of occasions how AA’s version of disco pants are not offered in the same cut as the originals from the 70’s and 80’s. AA’s is very tight from the waist all the way down to the hems. In fact, many women even refer to them as being leggings. I’ve referred to them as tights that look like the kind you could use to run or workout in. The only obstruction to that being the addition of back pockets and a button/zipper closure, which tights have never displayed. Of course the material used in disco pants is a lot thicker than lycra tights (running tights, spandex pants, compression tights, just plain ‘tights’, et al.) And of course these modern disco pants are to be worn as regular pants anywhere you go and can be dressed down or dressed up. But due to their leggings-like cut they are directed exclusively as women’s wear and seeing a guy in them would be an anomaly to most, though I would think it’s super cool.

Disco pants of the 70’s and 80’s were cut like straight leg jeans of the time and both guys and girls wore them. So whereas both the vintage ones and the modern ones were meant to fit skintight from the waist to the knees, the vintage ones loosened up a bit below the knees to resemble pants, not tights. So basically they are just a very comfortable pair of shiny, tight, stretchy jeans or pants. The hems are open enough that you could wear them over your sneakers or tuck them into boots or wear them with any kind of footwear you prefer. You have options. The modern ones being wrapped around your ankles do not afford you the luxury of wearing over shoes. Due to their skintight-at-the-ankle nature your footwear is completely exposed. With guys generally having larger feet than women that can create a look that is not always so balanced. I can live with that, but I’ve read many criticisms against it.

Thus, the vintage cut disco pants are universal and great for both genders. And the great news is that now you can get yourself brand new pairs in a variety of colors. As I said, Le Gambi and Bojeangles is currently making these wonderful pants once again. So no longer do you have to search on eBay for vintage, pre-worn and damaged disco pants. Now you can you get your very own unworn pair(s) updated with the best of materials. Yes, the makers have studied the strength of the materials used in the past and have improved upon them and made them a higher quality article of clothing that will last longer.

These new disco pants are just as shiny, tight, stretchy, high-waisted, flattering and sexy as the originals. I know because I have both! Here are a series of photos of my brand new Bojeangles disco pants in Navy:





















There you have it! The material is very nice and strong and the pants have that new ‘disco pants’ smell. I personally like brand new items when it comes to everything, especially clothing. With straight leg cut disco pants, there has been no choice because they are a relic  and were no longer made after the early to mid 80’s. So I’ve had to settle for pre-owned and pre-loved articles. Usually these came with all the common symbols of wear and tear unique to disco pants–broken or loose stitches, runs, pulls, etc. And naturally the more you wore them the worse these defects became in particular due to the effect time had on breaking down the material further.

I had written to American Apparel asking them to consider making their disco pants with a straight leg cut in order to become a more suitable product to both guys and gals. They never responded to me nor did they create what I asked for. But they prayers of many have been answered through the good people who have revived some of the most famous brands of vintage disco pants. This is a dream come true not only for me but many out there.

While AA’s disco pants run about $85 these new Le Gambi and Bojeangles fetch an expectedly higher price. But that is acceptable with an item of this nature. The quality is second to none and the fit is amazing. And these pants are not being mass produced in some factory somewhere. These seem to have a handmade quality to them. The company that manufacturers new bojeangles and Le’Gambi brands is clearly on top of their game and they have delivered a high end and very well made quality product that is well worth the price

No one will mistake you for wearing AA disco pants when you’re wearing a pair of these new Le Gambi or Bojeangles disco pants. These are much more classy looking and ride the whole spectrum of wear from rockstar to casual to church to formal event. The leggings-look version of AA’s can be very limiting in terms of function. The company that is manufacturing new Bojeangles and Le Gambi brands is clearly on top of their game and they have delivered a high end and very well made quality product that is well worth the price.

Additionally, these new disco pants are being made in a variety of sizes with at least 7 different colours available at the moment.

If any of you are interested in purchasing a pair of these amazing new pants or you just want more information, comment here or send me a message and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Don’t miss out! These pants are literally the greatest thing since sliced bread!!

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5 Responses to Brand New Vintage Cut Disco Pants Available Now!!!

  1. Tom says:

    I’m definitely interested in more info on how to purchase these.

  2. Tam says:

    Me too! How can I purchase these pants?

    • sktL505 says:

      You can go on eBay and search for ‘Green Legambi disco pants’ and there you will find them. I will send you an email with more info.

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