These Don’t Fit, Those Don’t Fit….

Some updates…

First, pictures of the silver and red disco pants are coming soon! They fit great and look amazing!!

Second, I just received the red faux leather skinny jeans (from my last post) today. Sadly they do not fit. I can get them up all the way but there’s no way I can button & zip them. And even if I could they are tad bit too short. This is something I’ve seen with pants/jeans selling on eBay directly from China and Korea. They don’t make them long enough! Seriously, we who are 6 feet tall or more can’t benefit from inseams of 30 and 31 without the aid of tall boots. I had ordered a size large and I’m foolishly considering getting another in the next size up.

Third, those H&M coated skinny jeans turned out to not fit either. No real surprise there. I suspected they wouldn’t when I bought them so I’m not terribly disappointed. I can get them on but again cannot fasten the buttons. They are very nice jeans though and when I lose weight I will get into them. I am still waiting on the Topman coated spray-on skinny jeans to arrive.

Here are the H&M’s on me:


I’m looking to get a few more pairs of 7 For All Mankind skinny jeans. I really like how their Paxtyn model fits. And I like they it has a zip fly.


Finally, in other news I received a few items back from the cleaners. I had taken my very first pair of black Bojeangles to get some stitching repaired. Also had taken my white Jonden’s to get the zipper pull tab replaced, which just broke in my hand as I tried to get the pants on. The whole zipper has been replaced. I have not tried them on again yet. And I got back my black leather jeans on which the button just ripped off upon wearing them back in 2007 when I bought them. On my most recent attempt to wear them the zipper broke as well. The pants are now repaired but the original metal zipper was replaced with a nylon zipper and I’m not sure that was a very good idea. Upon trying them on last night I could not fasten them. Sigh. So sad. So many awesome pants and I cannot fit into them. Thank goodness for spandex disco pants!!


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This blog is mostly about spandex disco pants from the 70s, 80s and now!
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