Photos of New Red Le Gambi Disco Pants

So here are some photos of my brand new Le Gambi spandex disco pants in red. Remember now, these are the vintage cut design. True to the original design and unlike the  modern leggings version. You can wear these new Le Gambi’s without fear that anyone will  label them ‘tights’ or ‘leggings.’ And I daresay no one will mistake them for American Apparel’s version either.

Here we go:





Yes, looks great! In the first 2 photos I’m wearing a brand new pair of optical white Converse Chuck Taylor’s. In the last 2 I’m wearing some Dr. Martens boots. These boots are one of the closest things I have come to regarding my ideal pair of boots. They are flat-soled, very comfortable and do not look like work boots. In fact they do resemble somewhat a leather pair of Chuck Taylor’s. I like these black ones so much that I went ahead and ordered a brown pair as well.

The silver disco pants look equally stunning and I will have the photos here very soon!


About Spandex Disco Jeans

This blog is mostly about spandex disco pants from the 70s, 80s and now!
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