Photos of New Silver Le Gambi Disco Pants

As the title implies I now have great photos of the brand-new silver Le Gambi spandex disco pants to show you all. But first I want to mention that I STILL have not received my Topman order of black coated skinny jeans. I really dislike ordering from them due to the length of time it takes items to arrive. I have ordered clothing from other places in Europe and they always arrive amazingly fast. Topman drags on for some reason to the point of when you actually receive the goods you no longer want them. That’s how I’m feeling right now. Those pants had better fit and look great or they’re going back and I’ll try to remember not to order from them again.

On another note I have acquired my second pair of vintage Michi disco pants. This one is black and I’m seriously just about done buying black ones. I have 9 pair of vintage disco pants in black. The only other pair in black that I really want is from the makers of the brand-new Le Gambi and Bojeangles disco pants. Nothing like a new pair! But here is the Michi and how it looks on:



I love those little brand labels at the top of the right-side back pocket. That’s a nice touch really missing on the modern versions of these pants. But the modern version leaves much to be desired regardless.

Just one more thing before we get to the main course. Those red, faux leather Chinese made jeans ended up not fitting and in fact ripping when I was trying them on. They looked really nice when I got them all the way up but they were just too small for me and had no stretch in them at all. I contacted the seller and he/she would be willing to send me a larger size but I have to ship this pair back to them in China. That might be something not worth the time or effort or expense. Lesson learned but as I wrote before, not a terribly bad deal since the pants were not all that expensive.

Now onward to what you all have been waiting for. Here are the newly made silver Le Gambi’s. And thanks for the nice photo background removal work–you know who you are and I would gladly announce it here if you give me the go ahead.




DSC05755 t

I cannot praise these pants enough. Thank goodness someone decided to revive them in their true nature. They look awesome, they feel awesome. They go with anything. Just think of them as a pair of slim (or skinny) jeans that happen to be shiny. And comfortable. And make a statement. And are different. And they’re new! Not worn and/or mistreated by anyone else 30 odd years ago. Why be like everyone else? Why live an entire existence of just trying to fit in and fully accepting ‘the norm,’ all the while denying yourself the opportunity to be yourself or trying something a little different?

Oh well, I just believe those pants look great and I can’t wait for my next pair!!

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This blog is mostly about spandex disco pants from the 70s, 80s and now!
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    I don’t know if you Tweet, but @thesprayonjeans has linked to your blog. See

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