White Disco Pants

Just a few updates….

Finally received my Topman black leather look spray-on skinny jeans on Monday. On Wednesday I sent it back. The H&M’s were so much better. Both are skintight but the Topman’s are on the verge of leggings. Plus, the Topman’s feel much thinner and are made with polyester so it has a different feel and look to them. The H&M look much more like leather than do the Topman. The shine on the Topman’s leave much to be desired. I took some photos but they did not come out well. I could fit into the Topman pair and fasten them but they were hurting on the waist after a while. Also they weren’t tight enough on the groin area. The calves were super tight and actually a lot more than I prefer. My ideal fit is tight at the top and looser at the bottom. I had a pair of their grey spray-on’s last year which were tight in the right places, albeit so tight they didn’t fit and I returned them, too. And they were the same size as these.

I knew what to expect in terms of fit with these jeans from Topman. I’ve had them before. So I’m not focusing on that so much. It’s more the supposed ‘leather look.’ I would have kept them at just waxed cotton and spandex, sans the polyester. The pair by H&M feel heavy-duty while Topman’s are thin and don’t look like they would hold up very long. So I may be just about done buying from Topman. At least their jeans. But all their stuff is expensive and takes forever to arrive here.

Moving on….after taking my white Jonden disco pants to get the zipper fixed I finally tried them on last night. These disco pants were the hardest ones I have ever tried getting into. The zipper took forever to get far enough up. I must have spent a good 20 to 30 minutes working that zipper as far up as I could so that it wouldn’t come back down on its own. When I was done, these pants were stretched to the max and even got damaged as a result of the hour or so that I had them on. Several areas of runs or overstretched areas were showing up while I was wearing them. Disappointing but I was glad to be able to finally wear them. I took lots of pics and some videos too figuring that I would probably never get them on again. So here are a few of the photos:




00001 (10)-001

Like most disco pants that have runs or stretched out areas, the damage can’t be seen unless you’re way up close looking at it. Nothing shows up in the photos here. And the good news is that since I most likely will not be getting into this pair again anytime soon, I do have another white pair on the way! And this one will most likely fit a little better. Don’t get me wrong, I like disco pants to be super tight just like these white Jonden’s. But if the pants are so tight that they get damaged just by wearing them for an hour then it’s not worth it. These are expensive pants, both the vintage and the newly-made ones. If I had an endless supply of these pants then I wouldn’t mind them getting damaged after a short wearing. But I don’t and these pants are getting harder and harder to come by (and so is money, LOL).

But I’m hoping to get the new white ones tomorrow. And of course once I do and take pics you will see them here. And I will have yet another color that I’ve been desiring in order to complete my disco pants collection.

Finally, I ordered a few more jeans from 7 For All Mankind. They sent me a 30% off-sale-items offer and I ordered 2 more of their Paxtyn skinny jeans. These being sale/clearance items means they cannot be returned. One of them is just another pair of the Glenview Grey ones I ordered last time but 2 sizes bigger. I really liked the color of the first pair but wanted a second pair in a little looser fit. And the other jean I ordered was the same style but in a dark blue and as tight fitting as the previous pair. I really love the fit and finish of 7FAM jeans.

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This blog is mostly about spandex disco pants from the 70s, 80s and now!
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