More New Le Gambi Disco Pants to Start 2014

I haven’t written in a while because I’ve really had no updates. The holidays have come and gone and nothing really significant happened in terms of disco pants or skinny jeans or such. I did get another pair of vintage white ones but I’m not completely thrilled with them so I will be looking to sell them. They’re a little more loose-feeling than I like them to be and due to their age they are not all that white looking. And I bought a couple of 7 For All Mankind skinny jeans that were on sale.

I do have plans to buy a brand new white pair of Le Gambi disco pants from the makers of the other brand new pairs I’ve bought in the last few months. Additionally, I’ve been informed by them that they will also have the color “Midnight Navy” which I’m looking forward to very much. I had that pair of AA disco pants in midnight navy and it really is a wonderful color despite the fit of their disco pants. Plus it adds a bit of variety to just wearing black ones most of the time. It does get a bit boring wearing only black disco pants all the time [relatively speaking, of course, because it’s actually never boring wearing disco pants of any colour!]. I feel most comfortable in black and since these are a very dark blue they will give me another option that I can feel more comfortable in as well as complementing most of the tops I like to wear with disco pants. So I’m really looking forward to adding white and midnight navy (and eventually black) to my collection that currently totals about 25 pairs of both vintage and newly made spandex disco pants.

If you love these pants like I do and have not yet bought any of the newly made ones, I highly urge you to do so. They are wonderfully made, they feel great on, they are comfortable, they spice up your wardrobe, they make a statement that you do things your own way, they are edgy yet not over-the-top, they are retro yet fresh, they are unisex, they are awesome! They are casual, they are laid-back, they are formal they are fun.

Why should shoes be allowed to be shiny but not pants? We only follow the rules of style and fashion that have been instilled in us without question. Now is the time to question those rules and see they are really nothing more than somebody else’s ideas that have been passed down based on subjective preferences and not logic. Shiny, matte, tight, loose, stretch, non-stretch. Why limit ourselves to only one possibility when there are so many out there?

Anyway, that’s a bit of my philosophical side which you may have seen flashes of in previous posts. But that’s the way I look at it. It’s really a shame that in this culture it is not considered ‘manly’ for a male to want to experiment with fashion. Clothing is fun for everyone! Experiment!!

Again though, I highly recommend purchasing these newly made pairs. So many of the vintage pairs that I have bought have little stains or runs or thin areas that just can’t be repaired. Some have even been permanently trimmed for shorter lengths. They have been rightfully enjoyed by others but time has not been kind to the materials and they get further damaged with each additional wearing. These new pairs are newly made and sturdy and pristine. No color fading. No broken stitches. No stretched out areas. No aged fabric. Not cheaply made by severely underpaid labourers. And not a cut that complements the physique of only one gender.

Just to let you know, I am not endorsed by the company that makes these new disco pants.  I praise their product on this blog because I am a tremendous fan of what they make. I am also grateful that such a product is being made once again and is available to have. Think about your favourite pair of shoes or sneakers or jeans from the past. Something that is no longer made or available other than in pre-owned condition. Imagine how great it would be if that item were being made again and were available for purchase! That is precisely how I feel about spandex disco jeans. When these pants first came out I was way too young to be able to get a pair or even know what they were called. But each time I saw someone on TV wearing them it made me want them more and more. And even though having pre-owned vintage pairs are better than not having any–and pre-owned vintage ones are incredibly awesome, I must say–nothing is really better than having a brand new one where you alone can create its history. And I would like to see the makers of the new ones stay in business and prosper of course! They make a wonderful, one-of-a-kind product true to the original article.

I’m hoping my next post will be about my new white Le Gambi’s and then another with some photos. Until then….

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This blog is mostly about spandex disco pants from the 70s, 80s and now!
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  1. Alex says:

    On the kinkier side, this site: has some really high quality spandex jeans and stretch denim jeans.

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