New Disco Pants & Boots On the Way!

I had not realized it’s been so long since I wrote here. I did not post at all in the month of February. Reason being no major news really. Got a couple new skinny jeans but that’s about it. Haven’t been wearing my disco pants because it’s just been dreadfully cold here and I can’t stand the cold. But I am excited for tomorrow though! I am expecting to get a brand new pair of Le Gambi disco pants in midnight navy AND a pair of Emu Australia Platinum Stinger Hi boots!! First, the pants: in my previous post I wrote about anticipating a new pair of white Le Gambi pants. Instead of white I am getting midnight navy and I’m actually more excited about it than white because the darkness of midnight navy makes it so much more universally appealing. I had a pair of American Apparel’s midnight navy disco pants and it’s really a great color despite the fit. So to get a pair in this color in the traditional fit of disco pants is nothing short of awesome. I cannot wait to get them, try them on and take tons of photos! Second, the boots: I had a pair of Uggs in chocolate a few years ago. But they were the classic length, not the tall. And for some reason Uggs doesn’t have them in tall with men’s sizes. I see tons of women wearing Uggs and Uggs-lookalikes and I just love how they look. But most of them are wearing the tall version with their leggings or skinny jeans tucked in. And as I am still on my quest to find some flat-soled slip on boots to wear with my disco pants and skinny jeans I started looking around online until I came across a boot very similar to Uggs, called Emu Australia. Funny thing is, if you look around on U.S. online shops they pretty much only carry the boots in women’s sizes. If you look on Australian websites you can find men’s sizes as well. I just don’t understand that. Uggs boots and similar style boots are very much unisex looking. Why is it that in the U.S. they are marketed only towards females? Anyway, I had to order these Emu Stinger boots directly from Emu in Australia. They have both a men’s section and women’s section on their online store but the products seem to be the same. So in actuality the Stinger Hi boot is unisex. I ordered a men’s size 10 and proceeded to check out and pay. The receipts I received showed both that I ordered a men’s size 10 and a women’s size 11. Keep that in mind if you are a male wanting to order these boots in the U.S. Whatever your normal size is, get a size larger in women’s as they will probably be labelled strictly in women’s sizes. And there are no half-sizes. I ordered a pair in black and if they turn out to be as awesome as some of the photos I’ve seen, I will most likely get a pair in charcoal and another in chocolate. Here are photos of them: WP10001BLAK-DefaultImage-1                           WP10001CHAR-DefaultImage-1                             WP10001CHOC-DefaultImage-1

They are very nice looking boots and pretty much like the boots all the girls are wearing nowadays. Except they’re not Uggs. Which is good because when people start to ask me if I’m wearing Uggs I can happily say no. I have nothing against Uggs. But since they’re so associated with women’s clothing–even though the manufacturer makes them as a unisex item–I can happily say, “They’re Emu’s.” I don’t think most people around here ever heard of them so that’s good. So if everything goes right I will have both items tomorrow and I can try them on together. I am really excited to try those boots with all the other disco pants in my collection and my super skinny jeans as well. And of course pictures will appear here in a few days. Till then, be yourself!

[Edit: I just want to point out that the Emu boots are labelled both in terms of women’s size and men’s size on the box. So my pair in particular says in big letters “women’s 11” while in smaller lettering “men’s 10.”]


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