XL AA Disco Pants

Regarding the last post where I was selling pair of vintage black disco pants–they have been sold and are no longer available.

Over the weekend I received a wonderful new pair of midnight navy Le Gambi disco pants. After seeing and owning a pair of American Apparel’s midnight navy disco pants I am sure glad to have one in this color and in the traditional fit. Plus the material is top rate and even smoother looking and smoother feeling than typical disco pants. As a result of the smoother texture, the stretch factor is a little less forgiving and the overall fit a bit more rigid. Well worth the trade off in my opinion. The nylon/spandex fabric is of a higher quality and I’m quite fortunate to have 2 pairs of these amazing pants in my possession at the moment. Looking forward to wearing for the first time.

I may have mentioned that I bought a pair of AA’s disco pants in black size XL. At 30% off I just had to. Regular price is $85 so if you can get them for $59 you may as well jump at the chance. Anyway, the first time I tried them on they felt very large and loose. I’ve seen several photos online of guys wearing AA’s disco pants and they all seem to have one thing in common: they are rather loose fitting in comparison to how women wear theirs. I guess I can understand the hesitancy on their part to go all out and skintight with these pants, but as I have been told by American Apparel associates they are meant to be form-fitting and men can wear them. Guys do wear meggings nowadays and for the most part, based on the photos I’ve seen, the fit is skintight. Meggings and disco pants are both comfortable, non-restrictive pants so I don’t completely understand the desire to wear them looser than form-fitting.

So getting back to my XL’s. I tried them on again last night and I would feel a lot more comfortable going out and about in them than I would in my mediums. The medium fits completely skintight and though I prefer the fit this way it would definitely make for a more harrowing experience going out in public in them. And maybe that’s how these other guys who wear disco pants feel too. Perhaps they want to go tighter but the self-consciousness makes it prohibitive. And maybe they can’t really afford to get multiple sizes to experiment with seeing how many of them appear to be in college. Well, I can’t afford it either but the medium I bought almost 5 years ago and the XL just recently.

Thus, my real issue now is whether I return this XL for a large or not. Though quite comfortable physically and mentally, they do feel loose and in certain photos I took extra material can be seen draped as opposed to hugging the body. While in other photos the pants look form-fitting as they should be. Ideally I would like to keep this pair and send in for a large as well. But if I choose that route I would have to wait for their next 30% off sale. But let me share some photos that display the looseness of the pants first.



So in those 2 photos you can see the overall looseness around the crotch and bum of the pants. In this next photo, you can again see the looseness around the bum, but if you look at the image in the mirror it looks like a form-fitting, perfect fit:



This last photo shows just how loose the pants really are. I wouldn’t mind them being looser in the calves but not in the upper areas.

Now a few pics that show the pants fitting as they should, tight:




So these last 3 photos give the impression that the pants fit skintight. But they don’t really. So I’m really torn as to what to do. Shall I keep them or exchange them? I could exchange them completely free of cost to me. Maybe I’ll try them a few more times with some different tops and other shoes. If any of you would like to offer an opinion I would be glad to hear it!


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5 Responses to XL AA Disco Pants

  1. LycraLover says:

    I would keep them! Did you get them on sale?

    • sktL505 says:

      They were on sale. The good thing is that I can exchange them for another size FOR FREE including free shipping. I’m going to exchange them because they just don’t look right.

  2. Russ says:

    AA disco pants are tight on me, both the large and the xl. The larges I can just fit in with a little room for wiggling around in. The xl ones fit me perfectly. Plenty of wiggle room but tight and smooth enough to hug and contour my body. If you have a larger frame I’d keep the xl pair. I tried on a medium pair of AA disco pants once and I couldn’t get them above my thighs without damaging them. Of course, if you damage them you can’t return them. So I exchanged them for a larger pair, and I am happy with what I got. I love my AA pants as well as my classic disco pants. They all rule!

    On a side note, I wore my red AA’s to work one day in January during the cold winter weather that was around. They were thick enough to insulate me from the cold. Unfortunately I had to put sweatpants over them or else I would have caused an uproar. You know how it is. But it was kind of thrilling to wear them to work, hidden or not. True story.

    • sktL505 says:

      Hi Russ,
      So these XL pants are just too loose for me. Part of the fun is wearing them the way they were intended–skintight–and the way most women wear them. I have a medium that I can fit into and they are skintight. I used to have a small that I could also fit into. I gave that one to a girl I know. I think AA has changed the sizing a bit because i can no longer fit into any of their small disco pants. The one i gave away was one of those when they first started selling their disco pants so I think the sizings have changed over the last few years.
      Anyway, I think large will be best for me. I have yet to make the exchange. But yes, I agree that all disco pants rule–vintage and modern.

      I am glad to hear that you wore your red ones out, even though only you could see them. AA ones are definitely hard to start out with publicly. I have only worn my vintage ones out in public up to this point. The first time I wore them publicly was really a thrill. I hope you can make your debut soon!

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