10 Reasons to Stop Caring and Embrace Spandex

Came across this great blog post by Mercer Smith-Looper: 10 Reasons to Stop Caring and Embrace Spandex.

She is a young woman who talks about how great spandex is–and not just for women & girls either–and how we should just overcome our insecurities and wear it. She goes on to write that spandex is not limited to pants & leggings but to tops and other articles as well. I think her open-mindedness is great and her 10 tips are actually helpful and inspiring. So with all due respect to her I’m going to republish her commentary here, but you should still visit the link above to see some of her photos and the comments left on her post.

Hi. My name is Mercer, and I am a spandex addict. And, while some people may have an undiscerning palate when it comes to shiny things, my particular penchant leans towards Black Milk.

I know what you’re thinking “Gross. You are one of those girls. LEGGINGS AREN’T PANTS, LADY.” Well, this probably isn’t the post for you then.

Two years ago prior to Wistia, I worked slinging coffee at a local coffee shop. There was a girl that worked there with me, who I was always kind of intimidated/awe-inspired by, that wore spandex and dresses from H&M everyday. She gave no effs whatsoever, and I was totally insecure and totally jealous. So, what did I do? I started dressing like her.


It started calmly: bits of spandex from Delia*s, plain colors from H&M, until one day I saw a print on Black Milk that I needed to have and couldn’t live without: the full range of hex codes for inline stylings and CSS presented in Pantone style. They were the first of my babies, and will be mentioned later on.

But, really, no one cares why I love spandex or started wearing it. You guys all just care why you should love spandex. So, here are my reasons that you should love spandex, whether you are a male, female, feline, or Time Lord:

1. If you have gotten the gall up to wear a pair of skin-tight spandex outside as a substitute for pants, you deserve some kind of award. It shows that you have officially given up caring about what people think about you, and put yourself and your comfort first. Rock on.

2. On the note of comfort: wearing all spandex is great. I do it most (read: all) days. It feels like I am walking around in some kind of body sock or pajamas—and when you can make those look great it should be a win/win in anybody’s book.

3. Spandex wearers, particularly those of the Black Milk variety (called Sharkies) are an awesome community—they are sporadic, enthusiastic, artistic, creative, and fun, for the most part. They also probably like hula hooping or some other kind of niche hobby—you can learn a lot from them.

4. There are so many fun prints that serve as conversation starters. My full Black Milk collection is featured in a gif below. I wore my Hex/Pantone leggings to UserConf a few weeks ago. A guy coming up the escalator behind me said that he loved my pantone-lones, and now I follow him on Twitter. He is hilarious and awesome, and we probably never would have met if I hadn’t been wearing rainbow pants.


5. It’s easy. You can stretch in them and move around. You need not fear that your bum is going to be coming out over the top of your jeans, or that your underwear will show when the wind blows up your skirt. Leggings are great because they are dependable and stretchy and will not rip in any kind of crazy, spur-of-the-moment motion you decide to make.

6. Spandex is a unisex garment. While I am sure there are men out there who would argue otherwise, there is a large community of gentlemen who are advocates and lovers of Black Milk and spandex-kind. Rock on, brothers.

7. You get tons of compliments and feel totally rad about yourself and the world. This sounds really vain, but I mentioned above that I (like every other human on the planet) have suffered from some insecurities. It is hard to not feel awesome about yourself when everyone is loving what you are wearing.

8. Pants are not the only items made out of spandex. Shorts, skirts, dresses, body suits and tank tops! Oh MY! Once you have gotten comfortable wearing spandex pants in public, you will probably want to try the other stuff too. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.


9. They are a statement piece, and you can wear basically anything else with them and still look fab. I do not know how to dress myself, so most of the time I just wear a baggy t-shirt and some BM pants. I like to think I look semi-presentable on most days.

10. If you do not yet own any spandex, there is no better reason to buy a pair other than that. You are a shiny golden God, and spandex will just help you to get past the point of wondering if you really are that awesome. Join the ranks, and realize that you probably look like a total hot little boss every day no matter WHAT you wear. ONE OF US. ONE OF US.

Do you have a favorite pair of spandex, or item that you love wearing with them? Are you curious about the best place to buy spandex, or whether there is such a thing as good spandex (hint: there is)? Are you worried about how you’ll look in spandex, or don’t know how to pair it? Leave your questions in the comments—let’s get this party started!


I love her attitude! I highlighted a few of the points I especially took inspiration from. She is someone I would totally feel comfortable wearing my disco pants around. She totally strikes me as someone who would not look at me weird with a face that says “what the hell are you wearing?” Hmm, I wonder if she herself wears disco pants. 

I have the opportunity to wear my disco pants tonight and I was a little unsure about doing so until I came across this blog. Her post makes me feel like wearing them everyday! So definitely will be donning some shiny spandex tonight! Just have to decide on the colour.



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This blog is mostly about spandex disco pants from the 70s, 80s and now!
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2 Responses to 10 Reasons to Stop Caring and Embrace Spandex

  1. Russ says:

    Yes, very encouraging. A good read IMO. Not that I needed any encouragement anyway, but it’s always nice to read supportive comments from fellow spandex wearers of any age, gender, body shape or condition, and so on. Good find. Thanks for posting it.

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