Disco Pants Going Strong

The main reason I have stopped posting pics here is because WordPress is not the most user-friendly blog for doing so. Blogspot is SO MUCH BETTER! Yes, WordPress–read this carefull–BLOGSPOT IS SO MUCH BETTER! And not only that but on blogspot you can earn some money blogging as well. So it’s not that I’m no longer interested in disco pants or that I no longer wear them. It’s actually that it’s a pain to post pics here and I realize that just writing about disco pants without some sort of visual aide is denying an object of splendor the ability to be seen. I also realize that the folks who visit this blog already know what disco pants look like, but I also know that we can never see too many photos of them. So for the most part I will maintain this blog more like a novel–that is, more to read and less to see (for the most part).

Another reason I haven’t written here is because there just really is no major news. I haven’t gotten any new ones. I sold several pair recently to one buyer. I still wear the ones I have here and there. I’m constantly on the lookout for any new ones on ebay and etsy and wherever else. I have quite a satisfactory collection at this point. More than I ever thought I would have to be precise. 

I have not yet returned my size XL disco pants from American Apparel. I still intend to though. I am wondering what the state of the disco pants situation is nowadays. I still see them featured in outfits on lookbook regularly perhaps not as regularly as 2, 3 or maybe even 4 years ago. I don’t hear as much talk about them online as before. The blog posts about them that I do come across seem to be at least a year old or older. It is about 7 years since AA introduced their version so it seems to be lasting quite a while. That’s a good thing. I first discovered skinny jeans for guys and started wearing them back in 2007 and that is a trend that seems to be actually growing even now. Which is a great thing because I have wardrobe full of skinny jeans and slim jeans that I will continue to wear from here on out. Never again will I touch those ill-fitting, loose, baggy, ridiculous, clown jeans of the 90’s and early 2000’s. People always speak of the horrendous styles of the 70s (and even 80s to an extent). And while it is true that there were some awful articles during that time, the abyss that was men’s pants in the 1990’s ranks up there with the utter contemptible clothing of all time. Even the tapered jeans of that time were gawdy. The pants were super loose and baggy through your thighs and knees and then came to a dramatic taper at the calves and especially hems. Awful! I’m so glad men’s jeans and pants in general have really slimmed up. 

Slim-fitting jeans and pants for guys may be here to stay but skinny and super skinny jeans will surely not last, unfortunately. Of course, when they do ultimately fade out of the styles of fashion I will continue to wear mine just as some people continue to wear their same hairstyles of decades on end. Actually, my very desire to continue to wear tight pants keeps me conscientious of the need to stay somewhat trim and fit to an extent. Therefore, I see it as a good thing no matter how society deems it. Spandex is even more forgiving than jeans so there is always that option as well. 

Speaking of spandex, this is a great time to sport some spandex disco pants. Yes, guys, they’re not just for women. They may look great on them but they look great on guys as well. Just as skinny jeans looked great on women and now they look great on guys, too. There are even meggings now for men! Meggings are leggings for men, in case you don’t know. I’m all for everyone wearing more fitted clothing because not only does it look better but it’s also better for the environment because of less resources being used and wasted. And disco pants are ever so comfortable to wear. So why not slim down your wardrobe a bit and put a little glimmer in your wear and show the world!

About Spandex Disco Jeans

This blog is mostly about spandex disco pants from the 70s, 80s and now!
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3 Responses to Disco Pants Going Strong

  1. iraorenstein says:

    I think that super snug jeans for guys is here to stay. Not only do they look nice if you’re trim and slim, but the feel snug and secure if they are fitted correctly.

    • sktL505 says:

      That’s good to hear. My personal feeling is that it’s probably a good idea to stock up on them just in case the powers that be decide to only give us the option to buy loose denim bags for our lower bodies again.
      Thanks for reading and commenting!

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