Proof That Disco Pants Are For Men Too!

I came across something really cool and proof for any unbelievers out there that disco pants were made and sold as a unisex item. That is, an article of clothing for both men and women, males and females alike. I found this tag from inside a pair of such pants:

$_57 (27)

In case you cannot see that clearly, there are 2 numbers on there. They are sizing numbers. There is a 28 and a 10. Above the 28 it says ‘HIS’ and above the 10 it says ‘HERS’. I just thought that was so great when I first saw it! It’s actual 100% proof that these pants were made to be worn by both guys and girls. I realize there are all these videos and photographs from the 70’s and 80’s that show guys wearing disco pants, but I also know that many people can just blow that off with an “Oh, they’re just wearing women’s clothing” type comment. Well, now they cannot make such mindless statements. 

The tag also says “Made in England.” All the American made disco pants I have come across never listed his/hers sizes on their tags. They never said the pants were for men nor did they ever say they were for women. They usually did have 2 sets of sizing numbers which still do not make sense to me. For example, a pair labelled a size 0 would also have the numbers 3/4 written next to it. A pair labelled size 4 would have 11/12 written beside it. The ones being newly made true to the original fit–not the the skinny leggings variety–only feature the single size number. (Unlike the AA variety which goes by S, M, L, XL, etc). With disco pants however, it’s always best to try them on to get the ideal fit you’re going for. Especially for guys since we’re not used to single numbering sizings for pants. Personally for me the ideal fit tends to be a 4 or 5. That gives me the kind of fit I feel comfortable wearing on most occasions. Anything larger and it just defeats the purpose of wearing disco pants. And for other occasions–such as playing in the band, going to a concert, doing something on a Friday night– I prefer a a tighter fit.

Ideally I like to have disco pants in a variety of sizes, especially with some of the more common colors I wear. Black is a must and I have 7 pairs ranging from normal form-fitting to skintight. I tend to do the same thing with my skinny jeans. If there’s a particular pair in which I especially like the color/wash I try to get 2-4 pairs of each total in varying sizes so that I can wear for different occasions. That can be convenient with Levi’s but with Nudie Jeans and 7 For All Mankind it can become quite an expensive habit.

About Spandex Disco Jeans

This blog is mostly about spandex disco pants from the 70s, 80s and now!
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4 Responses to Proof That Disco Pants Are For Men Too!

  1. Russ says:

    Cool pic! Just when I was thinking about giving up my spandex disco jeans collection because of lack of use, or thinking maybe they are really just for women, I came across this post. Think I’ll be holding on to my SDJ’s for quite a while now. Thanks! Your a spandex saver!

    • sktL505 says:

      Yes, you should definitely continue to enjoy them! If this blog o’mine helps keep even one person in disco pants then mission accomplished.

  2. Mike M. says:

    Love spandex disco jeans….>Wish I had a pair!

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