Fave Disco Pants & Levi’s 510

So some of my favorite disco pants are getting damaged just a little bit more each time I wear them. That’s not good! But they are over 30 years old so it’s a bit understandable. Still, some of these are perfect fitting with perfect levels of shine that I cannot imagine being without. For instance, my black Le Gambi’s that have the small label are my absolute favourite skintight pair. Their shine is amazing and they fit like a second skin–much tighter than Leif Garrett’s I must admit. And also my black Bojeagles. Not as tight as the aforementioned Le Gambi’s, which makes for an all-occasions fit. But still tight enough. This pair is the one I have worn for camping trips, playing in the band and church on Sunday. These 2 are my must-haves when it comes to disco pants. So do I continue to wear them or just keep them in their bags for occasional looking and touching? CONTINUE TO WEAR THEM! Certainly, but not as often considering I have 5 other black pairs I can wear as well.

Lately, I have been wearing my skinny jeans a lot more often. And I don’t mean in relation to my disco pants. The disco pants I continue to only wear for exclusive, non-everyday events. What I am saying though is that I have been wearing some of my very tight skinny jeans in the last few weeks. And to places I would not dare wear them before. It is cooler here now and as I do need to work on losing some upper body weight, summer was never a good time to wear them. One reason being the heat. Another reason being that wearing only a t-shirt with very tight skinny jeans always makes me feel fat. So now that I can wear a jacket with my super skinny jeans I feel a lot more confident being seen in them.

My favourite pair at the moment is a thrift store Levi’s 510 super skinny that I wrote about a while ago. I have gotten very comfortable wearing them and being seen in them. So much so in fact that I have decided I must wear them at the very least twice a week from now on. Can’t wait to wear them tomorrow! But I may face the same dilemma with them as I do those disco pants. Obviously age is not such an issue with them, but the previous owner did wear and wash them plenty. They have a very nice fade and wear lines but at the same time they feel a bit thinner and some potential stress areas where ripping may commence. You know, they don’t make Levi’s as tough as they used to. And it’s very hard to find 510’s at thrift stores in my preferred size of 32. I have found several 511’s that are great and I wear them, too. But 510’s are really the best.

Speaking of 510’s, I bought 3 additional pairs this weekend. I used to have this line of jeans in so many colors and washes but I sold most of them on ebay. Not that I regret selling most of them but there were certain ones I still wish I had today. Those include Chainlink, Chipped & Filtered Stretch. There was another one that had a name that I don’t remember, but I found it on ebay this weekend and bought it. That happens to be one of the 3 I ordered. The other 2 includes a nice, dark blue one from Urban Outfitters and a grey one directly from Levis.com. There is yet another I want to get from Tilly’s and plenty of interesting used ones on ebay.

I have a 510 in color/wash “Black Diamond” which I bought on ebay a while ago and have not yet worn. Perhaps they will get their chance this week. They are skintight but I’m sure will loosen up a bit after wearing them for several hours at a time.

I’ve also been looking at some other jeans besides Levi’s lately. There’s not much going on in terms of disco pants for sale so I must look at something, right? I came across some very interesting ones.  Including this one from Topman:


Love those! But of course as is usually the case, whenever I come across something awesome like this it has been sold out and is no longer available anywhere. Not even on ebay. They look totally awesome with those white high top Converse! I will keep looking out for those. I have not been a tremendous fan of Topman’s spray on skinny jeans due to their too-low rise and thin denim, but these look perfect! And these are called super spray on skinny.

That’s all for now.

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This blog is mostly about spandex disco pants from the 70s, 80s and now!
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