Disco Pants, Levi’s 510 & Topman

Well it’s been nearly 2 months since I’ve worn disco pants in public. It’s not that I’m losing interest. Not at all. In fact the last 2 days I have put on a few pairs just for fun and photos and they’re just as awesome and exciting to wear as ever! But it is quickly getting colder here and disco pants are not really great for that sort of weather. Most disco pants weigh in at just under a pound or so, while jeans usually weigh between 1.5 and just under 2 pounds. Plus, as thick as disco pants may be–compared to regular nylon/spandex tights or leggings–they are still thinner than denim jeans. So your legs instantly feel the chill when you step outside in the cold air. Disco pants are ideal for spring, fall and summer weather. Yes, even summer. Perhaps not scorching summer weather but if you’re going to be where the temperature is less than 90° it is perfectly fine. Of course, no matter what the weather is outside, if you are going to be in a place that is climate controlled you can always take the  pants with you and change into them indoors. That might feel a little odd though and perhaps more suited to some kind of a performance type deal, e.g. playing in an indoor concert, acting in play or making a movie.

I have been wearing my skinny jeans a lot more. Not my regular, slim-fitting ones that I usually wear when going out, but some of my much tighter Levi’s 510 that I used to wear only for certain occasions. The good news is that I’m getting so comfortable going out in them that it’s almost becoming second-nature. Almost. I still have a couple pairs of Cheap Monday’s that I have not been wearing out yet. I’m mostly wearing my 510’s because to me they are pretty much the perfect tight jeans. Their look and fit is as good as it gets. Not to mention the affordability of their price, especially if you don’t mind pre-owned pairs you can find at thrift stores or on ebay. I’ve bought some in both places for as little as $3! I actually prefer pre-owned jeans in some instances because some of them are broken in so perfectly and look so great. Not to mention that 2 of my all-time favourite pairs of Levi’s were pre-owned and absolutely amazing. Another reason I prefer some used ones is that since I rarely wash my own jeans they never really get that worn in, faded look. I hardly ever wear any pair of jeans more than twice a week and just for several hours at that. There really is no reason to wash after each wearing. Doing so only leads to premature color loss and weakening of the fibers. Even the CEO of Levi’s recently stated that jeans should not be washed after each wearing! Nudie Jeans is another make of high-end jeans that also recommends not washing denim for long periods of time.

I have tons of jeans so I don’t need to wear the same ones over and over again. In high school during my senior year I had probably 5 pairs of jeans that I could wear but only like 3 that I felt comfortable wearing. So I rotated those 3 pairs along with an occasional wearing of that pair of skintight Levi’s I had. Had I not cared so much what anyone thought, I would have worn those skintight Levi’s everyday to school. OK well, that might have shortened their life a bit so in actuality 2-3 times each week or every other day. That would certainly have led to a more exciting high school career!

Continuing on the Levi’s note, I have been rebuilding my collection of 510 super skinny jeans, now officially rebranded just ‘skinny’. I have added about 5 pairs–both new and pre-owned–since my last post. One of the new additions is a color/wash that I had 2 pairs of in the past but sold both. Happy to have that one back. Also added a pre-owned pair in “Sidewalk” which I took a chance on buying being a size 31. Usually 32 in Levi’s 510 is as small as I need to go for that ideal fit. But I ended up getting these so cheap and they fit very nice & super tight. So great deal. I look on ebay everyday for 510’s hoping to find more deals and some of those older washes that I foolishly sold some time ago.

Also added a pair of Topman’s Super Spray-On skinny jeans. An awesome light wash that as soon as I saw online I just had to get. Luckily found it on ebay. The size was a bit larger than I would ideally like but it’s a discontinued item so you get what you can. These are the most leggings-like jeans that I own. And they are very thin material.

That’s all I’ve been up to. Thinking of some holiday outfits that could incorporate disco pants for me to wear. We’ll see what happens.


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This blog is mostly about spandex disco pants from the 70s, 80s and now!
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