Disco Pants on “The Big Bang Theory” TV Show

Lately I have been on another frantic internet search for disco pants. Not necessarily to buy any but more along the lines of finding photos, tv programs and movies where they may have been worn. And I found a real unexpected treasure yesterday.

I don’t watch much modern programming on television. I just don’t care for much of anything it has to offer. However there is a current program titled “The Big Bang Theory” on network television, and there was an episode from 2010 where one of the main characters was wearing vintage disco pants!

This episode is titled “The Einstein Approximation” from early 2010. This is only a clip of the show and features a character named Howard wearing disco pants. He is not just wearing them as a fashion statement but rather because he and his friends were at a roller skating rink. I have not seen the whole half-hour show but in this clip above it is pretty obvious to me that Howard is wearing 2 different outfits. In the scenes back home he is wearing a greyish pair of disco pants and a sequined blue top, while in the scene at the rink he is wearing purple disco pants and a multi-colored top. Neither pair looks like American Apparel’s leggings-style disco pants. I will try to catch the entire episode wherever I can.

The point of course is that it is absolutely great to see a male character wearing spandex disco pants on national television. I would hope to see that catch on with more guys. But that particular episode was from over 4 years ago and I have not seen any change for the better. Furthermore, not being familiar with the show or the characters, my impression of Howard is that he is not the coolest or best-looking guy around. That could equate with disco pants being seen as a not-so-cool-item. It is great nonetheless to have something like that shown on such a large scale platform. It certainly introduces the idea that disco pants can be worn by guys, too. Here is a still of Howard in purple pants:


Any thoughts on this show or the pants Howard wore? Were any of you familiar with this episode? Was this perhaps the only instance of a male wearing disco pants on a TV show in the 2000’s? Comment below!

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4 Responses to Disco Pants on “The Big Bang Theory” TV Show

  1. Russ says:

    I have seen a few episodes of “Big Bang Theory.” It’s about 4 high IQ high intelligence guys that are very nerdy about science, sci-fi, fantasy & such, trying to impress the girl next door, and any other women they can attract. Sometimes it’s quite funny. I haven’t seen this episode however. None of the characters are what you would call cool, but Howard is probably the coolest of the four. I’m not crazy about the show, but it makes me laugh sometimes, since I am into some sci-fi & fantasy myself. Watch if you can. It should make you laugh a bit.
    This clip you have is the only man in SDJ’s evidence I have seen on TV recently. I think it’s cool. There was a show on Nickelodeon called “Wendell & Vinnie” not too long ago, & the actress Nicole Sullivan was on it. In one show at a school dance she shows up with a pair of hot pink SDJ’s on, desperately seeking a date, but only middle school boys were there. You could only see her legs. From the waist up her pants were covered by a jacket. She also wore boots, so no telling if they were classic or modern SDJ’s. Keeping my eyes open for more.

    • sktL505 says:

      Thanks for the info on Big Bang Theory, Russ! I understand that the character Howard has a bit of vintage clothing wardrobe. I guess that would make sense that he would have some disco pants in there then. I just found it a bit odd that he was wearing 2 different disco pants in 2 different scenes. The ones at the rink were clearly purple. The ones back home were clearly not purple. I may have to see that whole episode to get some clarification.
      I’ll also have to check out that Wendell & Vinnie one. Although it is a shame when they cover up so much of the pants. Between the jacket and the boots and the camera angles there was probably not too much to see, huh? Thanks for all the info!

  2. Skippy says:

    I can only assume they are AA Disco pants as they are easy to Acquire,and they seem to have the tight fit they have,But did they actual take the time to find vintage one’s??I need a pair of the AA pants.

    • sktL505 says:

      Hi Skippy,
      Being Hollywood I imagine they could easily get their hands on a vintage pair if they wanted.
      The scene in the apartments leads me to believe that they are vintage pants, based on the way they kind of hang over Howard’s Vans slip ons. The scene at the rink is hard to tell because the pants are tucked into boots. Seeing as how Howard is known for wearing ‘old style’ clothing, I would bet that both pairs are vintage.

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