More Disco Pants on Guys for 2015

I wish to start my first post of 2015 with a great photo I came across online:


I created a Twitter account recently in order to send positive vibes to the world about disco pants. And this is a photo I found from last night’s festivities. How great to see both a girl and a guy wearing disco pants–probably American Apparel’s. That is certainly what I want to see more of. I want more guys to embrace disco pants and not give a damn what the fearful, boring, conformists out there think. You have to admit the guy in the photo looks absolutely great in those disco pants. Notwithstanding, the outfit would look better with Converse or Vans sneakers or Dr. Martens boots. But if guys in disco pants were to become more commonplace society in general would be more accepting of it. Funny how things work, eh? Things that are scarce or obscure or unusual are either treasured or despised or ridiculed. Things that considered ‘everyday’ are accepted or considered no big deal or even ignored. I only seek to have disco pants on guys considered no big deal.

Look how far we’ve come with guys in skinny jeans. There are plenty of closed-minded folks who still do not like that, and feel a need to proclaim it loud all over the web. But many guys have embraced it and are now wearing skinny jeans. Several years ago when I started wearing skinny jeans it was rare to see another guy wearing them. Now wherever I go I see at the very least one. That same sort of mindset that allowed so many guys to wear something that many other guys and even girls ridiculed needs to be implemented in order for disco pants on guys to take off. Will it happen? I don’t know but it will certainly be an uphill battle.

As for me, I hope to wear my disco pants collection more than the meager 10 times I did so  in 2014. I’d like to make a goal of wearing them at least once somewhere other than church. I guess technically I have already done that. After a Sunday service once I walked with some of the other guys to a nearby store to buy some lottery. I blogged about this day on my post titled “26 & Counting”.  I believe it was the most anyone outside of church has seen of me in disco pants.

But I want to make it less of an anomaly and more of commonplace thing. The goal is to have people see me and think “oh, that’s the guy who wears shiny, tight pants.” I want the novelty, the shock-value of disco pants on a guy to wear off. I want it to become normal–as skinny jeans have become.

I will end today’s post with another instance of disco pants on television. There is a current show called “Pretty Little Liars” with a character named Hanna. In an episode called “A is for A-L-I-V-E” from June 2013, Hanna Marin (played by Ashley Benson) is wearing cranberry red AA disco pants. I have briefly looked for any video of scenes where she is wearing this but to no avail yet. I’ll leave you with a few stills.


hanna-marin-and-equipment-makeup-print-mina-tie-front-blouse-gallery (1)                           9c42cc304998d173d07f29cfad1bc842

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4 Responses to More Disco Pants on Guys for 2015

  1. Russ says:

    Hey again sktL505! Nice pics. Maybe more and more guys are out there wearing SDJ’s than we think, at least for fun. It’s a start. I’ll take it. You are absolutely right. Jeans are jeans. What difference does it make what they are made of, or how loose or tight they are? As long as the look is appropriate, then anybody should be able to wear them anywhere. But, being in such a judgmental and sometimes violent society, I can see the need for discretion. Small steps instead of one big gulp. Acceptance will come. See you later.

    • sktL505 says:

      Hi Russ,
      I can’t disagree with anything you said. I certainly do hope there are more guys out there wearing them. Found a guy on twitter who wants to get disco pants. He was worried he would be judged, though. I tweeted to him that he will be judged no matter what he wears. That kind of convinced him to go ahead and get some. Hopefully this blog and my twitter can help those who are unsure to at least give them a try!

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